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Bob Cook

Project Manager

The three manliest things I've ever done:

  1. Mooned a shark
  2. Blown up a zombie (target) using an M249 SAW machine gun
  3. Been beaten up by a girl (in my defence, she was the European champion).

I used to be a touring sound engineer until I decided I fancied a job with less chance of getting crippled and better pay, so I joined a large digital agency as an analyst, progressing swiftly to head analyst and then on to technical manager. After that I went freelance for a while doing project management until starting at QC. Four years later, turns out I like it here.

Workwise, I do tech and try to think up other clever things to do/build which improve what we do.

I've worked with a lot of big names, including Hilton Hotels, AllSaints, T-Mobile, Orange, Aggreko, Financial Times, Barclays Bank, Tesco, Boots, and the Daily Telegraph.

My major hobby is music, which I both listen to and play. My band has been on Radio 1 a bunch of times, released on minor indie labels and played across the tannoy at SPL stadiums (although I'm nowhere near as successful as either Gill or Alex. Curse them.). I also enjoy scuba diving, snowboarding, Thai boxing, and making friends with enormous dogs.

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Do you need somebody to blow up your zombies?

Well we're probably not the right people for that. Remember, Bob was beaten up by a girl. That said, we can do an amazing job on your technical audit and strategy. It's time we showed you what we're made of.

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