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Since its foundation in 2008, QueryClick has developed data-driven digital marketing strategies for over 50 clients in 28 countries across the globe, and continues to grow today.

£1.06 billion organic revenue grown 37% YOY

In 2017 QueryClick managed £1.06 billion of client revenues via organic search. In year we drove up performance by 37% leading to an additional £395 of organic revenue for our clients. As a disruptive agency to the big five, we see performance like this as evidence of our credentials to deliver enterprise-level support in a boutique fashion, tailored to each, individual client.

Browse our testimonials and case studies below to read about some of our clients' experiences of working with QueryClick.

M&Co: New Users at 40% reduction in CPA

-40% New Customer CPA

Audience and content-driven optimisation resulted in a 40% month-on-month reduction in CPA for new customer acquisition.

Read the case study summary for an overview of how QueryClick used Programmatic strategies to prospect new customers at a 40% reduced CPA.

The addition of scalable, profitable prospecting activity, targeting new users on content unavailable via other channels combined with hyper-personalised dynamic retargeting activity resulted in:

  • 65% reduction in total CPA
  • 18:1 ROI from all attributed online sales
  • 40% average month-on-month reduction in CPA for new customer acquisitions

ToysRUs Christmas Case Study

During this multi-faceted campaign, we leveraged our in-house tool, SwiftLink, to obtain both social and inbound data insights which allowed us to identify opportunities to target high value customers cohorts. This was a revolutionary campaign for Toys R Us as it was user-centric rather than focusing solely on products or promotions and included a mix of user-generated content.

+192% Social Engagements YoY

YoY increase in social engagements of +192% vs Christmas 2015, and 1.4 million social users reached by these messages across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

This case study covers:

  • A YoY increase in social engagements of +192% vs Christmas 2015
  • A more engaged audience drove a +332% YoY lift in social conversions and a +210% YoY increase in social revenue
  • 1.4 million social users were reached by these messages across Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • 17k social shares in 1st week: +2,700% on SMART objective

ToysRUs SEO & Social Case Study

+640,560% Social Followers Gained

#LEGOonHoliday gained +640,560 social users, generating +70 unique domain high authority links within the first week of measurement.

Our combined SEO and social strategy has delivered continued improvements in Organic visibility, traffic and revenue to date, building on the strong Organic performance we delivered in 2015 that resulted in a +21% increase in product rankings and +12 million extra Organic visitors year on year.

  • Increased overall social followers by +34%
  • Increased Twitter followers by +65%
  • Increased average monthly Twitter engagements by +731%
  • Increased YoY revenue from social by +77%
  • Social reach of 640,560 users via the LEGO project alone
  • +70 unique domains linking from relevant authority sites in 1st week
  • Increased 1st page rankings for LEGO search terms by 28%
  • Increased YoY Organic sessions from new users to LEGO pages by 7%
  • Increased YoY transactions from Organic on LEGO pages by 43%

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