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Leveraging Multi-Channel Insights for an Optimised SEM Strategy

15th November 2016 → Stuart Ferrie

Traffic can come to your website from many sources, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and areas for optimisation. To ensure that your online marketing endeavours are fully efficient, learnings from each channel should be applied to others wherever possible.

Developing the Business Case for Implementing SEO Recommendations

20th October 2016 → Scott McBay

Making changes to a website costs money, making significant changes can require a significant investment. Across the majority of SEO projects I’ve worked on over the last 14 years, SEO tends to be retrofitted to websites. So to facilitate changes the ecommerce manager or digital marketing manag...

AdWords Changes in 2016

07th October 2016 → Andy Campbell

With the holiday season just around the corner, what improvements have Google made to AdWords in 2016 to help advertisers really make the most of the busiest time of year?

Google’s Keyword Planner Has Now Stopped Showing Certain Keyphrases Altogether

23rd September 2016 → Stewart Donaldson

First, it was grouping sets keyphrase volumes together, then it was throttling search volume data for low spending AdWords accounts, now it looks like Google has stopped providing certain keyphrases altogether in Keyword Planner (KWP).

Quantifying the Value of Bounce Rate for Ecommerce

15th September 2016 → Lisa Jamison

At a very cursory level, bounce rate is designed to tell you if your content is meeting your audience’s expectations or not. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that this metric should never be taken at face value.

Harnessing Big Data for SEM: How to Steal a March on the Competition

08th September 2016 → David Fothergill

The terminology 'big data' has been in the mainstream consciousness for a few years now, and its profile is being raised all the time by successes such as IBM Watson's impact since its 'Jeopardy' win and Google's AlphaGo.

How Weather Forecasting Can Teach Marketers to Calculate Lifetime Value

02nd September 2016 → Chris Liversidge

Calculating Lifetime Value has been a challenge for marketers since day one. Typically the data you need to analyse is spread over multiple locations. Today, you might have web analytics data from GA or Omniture, customer engagement data in DoubleClick, CRM data, offline customer data from call...

Applying The Big Idea Concept To Data-Driven Storytelling

11th July 2016 → Flora Bui Quang Da

Sure, data-driven storytelling is the next big thing in content marketing. But how do you create that narrative?
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Event: Not Provided? Finally, Completely, Solved.

See how to return granular “Not Provided” search data to your analytics package, find new insights and turbo-charge your SEO Performance. 30th September - 9am To 11am at the RSA , 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ Coffee, tea and pastries will be available.

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YouTube Analytics: Using Data To Optimise Your Video Strategy

24th June 2016 → Alistair Wollaston

As the world’s largest video search engine, YouTube represents a rich vein of potential to businesses both in terms of building brand awareness and driving sales. Despite this, it’s not uncommon to find that developing an effective YouTube strategy can pose a challenge to even the largest of eco...

Google PPC Announcements 2016

25th May 2016 → QueryClick

The Google Summit aired last night, and our PPC, Analytics and CRO experts were watching it live. In this post, we’ll round up the latest PPC and AdWords news from the announcement.

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SEO Insights: Black Friday Industry Report - Part 2

31st December 2015 → QueryClick

In recent years, Black Friday has established itself as one of the most important days in the online retail calendar, and in 2014 passed both Boxing Day and Cyber Monday to become the most valuable shopping day of the year in the UK.

SEO Insights: Black Friday Industry Report

25th November 2015 → QueryClick

Last year, online shoppers in the UK spent an estimated £810m on Black Friday - which eclipsed both Cyber Monday and Boxing Day as the most valuable shopping day of the year - and this figure is expected to increase in 2015. When your e-commerce clients are used to multi-million pound return on...

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An integrated approach: From SEO to PPC and beyond

19th September 2017 → Chris Liversidge

Columnist Chris Liversidge shares highlights and insights from two industry events where integrated search marketing was a hot topic this year. The post An integrated approach: From SEO to PPC and beyond appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Load time, static site generators & SEO: How we lowered our own site’s load time by 74%

22nd August 2017 → Chris Liversidge

Google's upcoming transition to mobile-first indexing, combined with its raised expectation of mobile site performance, should convince site owners to consider static site generation. Contributor Chris Liversidge explains. The post Load time, static site generators SEO: How we lowered our own s...

Building ROI-focused SEO strategies: A framework

25th July 2017 → Chris Liversidge

How can we, as SEOs, do better for our clients? Columnist Chris Liversidge has his own framework for mapping SEO strategy down to hard-dollar impact. The post Building ROI-focused SEO strategies: A framework appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively

07th February 2017 → Chris Liversidge

Great content doesn't always translate to great links. Columnist Chris Liversidge explains the problem with this strategy and advocates for a more audience-focused approach. The post Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively appeared first on Search Engine Land.

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