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Introducing Google Panda To The Core Algorithm

08th February 2016 → QueryClick

Content specialists take note: as of last month, Google Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm. But what does that mean? How is the change different from before? And as content creators, do we need to be doing anything different now that Panda is part of the main event?

AdWords Mobile Advanced Exam Tips

09th November 2015 → QueryClick

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably considering taking the Google AdWords Mobile Exam. If you’re not quite ready for this exam, be sure to have a read of our other guides, including how to pass the Fundamentals Exam and our Advanced Search Exam top tips.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Reliant On Social Media For Link Building

21st October 2015 → Stewart Donaldson

If you want to expand the reach of a new piece of content, you would share it out through various social media channels where people will see it, share it, and naturally link back to it. However, after a recent study by Buzzsumo and Moz, you might want to rethink this strategy if it is your sole...

You’ve Got Mail: Gmail Ads 101

21st October 2015 → Justyna Korpala

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) have been around for some time now, but only in the last month has Google made it available to all advertisers and included it in the AdWords interface - after renaming it “Gmail Ads”.

XML Sitemaps & Search Engine Optimisation

19th October 2015 → QueryClick

If you're seeking to optimise your website and to improve search engine visibility, you may have come across XML sitemaps.

SEO Friendly URLs: 10 Steps To The Optimal Site Structure

18th May 2015 → Haitham Fattah

When developing a new site with SEO in mind, one critical aspect of the site design that is typically overlooked is the URL format.

Subdomains Vs. Subfolders: Which One Is Best For Your SEO?

12th February 2015 → QueryClick

The choice between using subdomains or subfolders has always been a much discussed topic in the SEO field. There are many different opinions on this issue, even an official one given by Google themselves, but more anecdotal evidence has started to surface in the past few months, as some sites ha...

Automated Reporting With A Raspberry Pi: Part 2 - MySQL

08th January 2015 → QueryClick

A MySQL database serves as the backend for the automated reporting. This is not overkill. Using Excel data tables enforces sensible data layout (typically, the biggest problem with any Excel workbook), and introduces SQL expressions that allows us to avoid horrendous nested/array-formula complic...

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SEO Insights: Black Friday Industry Report - Part 2

31st December 2015 → QueryClick

In recent years, Black Friday has established itself as one of the most important days in the online retail calendar, and in 2014 passed both Boxing Day and Cyber Monday to become the most valuable shopping day of the year in the UK.

SEO Insights: Black Friday Industry Report

25th November 2015 → QueryClick

Last year, online shoppers in the UK spent an estimated £810m on Black Friday - which eclipsed both Cyber Monday and Boxing Day as the most valuable shopping day of the year - and this figure is expected to increase in 2015. When your e-commerce clients are used to multi-million pound return on...

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Building ROI-focused SEO strategies: A framework

25th July 2017 → Chris Liversidge

How can we, as SEOs, do better for our clients? Columnist Chris Liversidge has his own framework for mapping SEO strategy down to hard-dollar impact. The post Building ROI-focused SEO strategies: A framework appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively

07th February 2017 → Chris Liversidge

Great content doesn't always translate to great links. Columnist Chris Liversidge explains the problem with this strategy and advocates for a more audience-focused approach. The post Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Connect audience insight to your SEO strategy

19th October 2016 → Chris Liversidge

Columnist Chris Liversidge believes that audience enrichment data is key to making better optimization decisions and that search marketers should be ready to engage with an audience-led strategy. The post Connect audience insight to your SEO strategy appeared first on Search Engine Land.

The SEM automation primer

26th August 2016 → David Fothergill

Wondering how to get started with automation? Columnist David Fothergill provides a handy primer, including recommended tools and what they can be used for. The post The SEM automation primer appeared first on Search Engine Land.

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