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Chris Liversidge

Managing Director

Chris started his career as a freelancer building websites for businesses before there was widespread internet adoption, and as a result used to deliver his web builds on a floppy disk for client review. He still keeps a few copies of his earliest work around the office, and warmly appreciates that some of the design techniques learned in those days - sprites, inline styling for initial critical render paths, asynch loading - are now considered valuable, cutting edge techniques for today’s speed focused, mobile-first web builds.

An early supporter of web standards and accessibility, search marketing was a natural fit for Chris who eventually joined the early stage development of an independent search marketing business and quickly moved into leadership of all its SEO supporting services; technical, inbound, content, analytics, conversion optimisation and social strategy.

Working across multichannel strategies in the early days gave Chris a clear vision of the value of considering each search marketing discipline as part of a greater strategy, removing silos and encouraging interdependency allowed a much more powerful overall impact on client results.

Believing that client service was underappreciated and after watching the business lose its ability to truly support client performance while going through multiple acquisitions, Chris left and founded QueryClick in 2008.

With an emphasis on tailoring customised, multichannel strategies to business metrics (i.e. profit and revenue growth targets), QueryClick pioneered the embedding of conversion optimisation within traffic acquisition strategies to deliver award-winning ROI for its clients.

Focused on delivering best in class search marketing performance, QueryClick’s growth has been strong since inception, and today it still delivers on its promise to drive performance for clients’ business above all else, as well as being a leader in the emerging field of performance marketing.

Chris's Latest Posts

How Weather Forecasting Can Teach Marketers to Calculate Lifetime Value

02nd September 2016 → Chris Liversidge

Calculating Lifetime Value has been a challenge for marketers since day one. Typically the data you need to analyse is spread over multiple locations. Today, you might have web analytics data from GA or Omniture, customer engagement data in DoubleClick, CRM data, offline customer data from call...
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