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David Fothergill

Head of Product Development and Insight

David is an experienced search marketer who heads up both our Product Development and Web Analytics teams.

He has handled search marketing accounts for clients in over 30 countries and a similar number of languages, across verticals including retail, finance, travel & the entertainment industry. He is passionate about taking an analytical approach to building high-ROI strategies, and now focuses this mind set on developing tools and processes which support our ‘data-driven’ approach.

Following completion of a degree in Mathematics, David started his career at Bigmouthmedia before joining QueryClick in 2010, following a brief detour into life as touring musician. He has worked on a long list of clients which includes Emirates Airlines, Aggreko, Hunter Boots and Sony.

David is also a regular contributor to leading industry sites such as SearchEngineLand (#).

David's Latest Posts

Harnessing Big Data for SEM: How to Steal a March on the Competition

08th September 2016 → David Fothergill

The terminology 'big data' has been in the mainstream consciousness for a few years now, and its profile is being raised all the time by successes such as IBM Watson's impact since its 'Jeopardy' win and Google's AlphaGo.

An 'N-Gram Analysis' Tool In R

09th September 2014 → David Fothergill

Recently, I wrote a post on WebAnalyticsWorld talking about using ngrams to help analyse keyword performance.
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