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Stuart Ferrie

PPC Account Manager

With a degree in Business Economics & Marketing, Stuart spent two years working for a student union managing web content and strategic advertising distribution prior to joining QueryClick.

He quickly rose to become an Account Manager in Paid Search, managing both domestic and multinational B2B and B2C accounts such as Aggreko and providing onsite consultancy to clients such as B&Q.

With an excellent attention to detail and a data orientated approach, Stuart has led the development of efficiencies and strategies for both paid accounts and for internal departmental processes. This includes the development of new tools and procedures for reporting and data analysis, such as QueryClick’s Halo tool, which was created to produce omni-channel insights for SEM strategies.

Key Metric

With strategic optimisations within the Google Shopping campaigns for a national plumbing brand, Stuart was able to generate a 149% uplift in Quarter on Quarter Revenue with an ROAS increase of 48%.

Stuart's Latest Posts

Leveraging Multi-Channel Insights for an Optimised SEM Strategy

15th November 2016 → Stuart Ferrie

Traffic can come to your website from many sources, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and areas for optimisation. To ensure that your online marketing endeavours are fully efficient, learnings from each channel should be applied to others wherever possible.

AdWords Scripting & The AWQL (AdWords Query Language)

21st August 2014 → Stuart Ferrie

_It's been mentioned in previous blog posts that AdWords - and PPC in general - can be a pretty complex system to get around. You have to get accustomed to the nuances of the software, and how little changes in one area can have a huge impact in others. _
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