Data Driven Performance Marketing

Transformational strategies built on unique data insights

At QueryClick our strategies and recommendations are driven by actionable data insights, allowing us to work to your priorities and KPIs. As a result, we deliver bespoke, integrated strategies that are directly linked to your commercial objectives.

Transformational strategies built on unique insights from our channel specialists, often working on-site alongside your team, allow us to deliver real business performance change without increasing marketing budgets.

Unique data insights provided by our agile tool suite maximise multichannel marketing performance, delivering efficient underlying channel ROI and intelligent budget reallocation to target new, high-lifetime-value customers.

QueryClick's focus on accurate insight is at the heart of our data-led performance marketing campaigns. Our specialist teams source valuable data from internal tools such as Halo SERP Insights, SwiftLink Audience Insights and our agile tooling platform SearchLens, providing unique-to-market data in order to identify opportunities, define strategies and accurately report success.

The heart of a truly multichannel strategy lies, however, in our ability to derive accurate individual customer lifetime data using our machine-learning tool Corvidae and build Customer Cohorts that represent your highest value customers and their initial paths to purchase.

Optimising for these targeted customer cohorts allows your team to build Multichannel strategies which target high-value new customer acquisition from the get-go. Corvidae also determines a statistically significant Forecasted Attribution model which supplies the greatest overall customer growth possible within your marketing budget.

Using our machine-learning algorithm and Corvidae Insights, we target new high-lifetime-value customers with unmatched efficiency. Unlike other tools on the market, Corvidae enables forecasted multichannel attribution analysis, which allows you to adjust marketing budgets before inefficient spend takes place.

Corvidae is complementary to QueryClick's Halo SERP Insights tool, which provides fast and accurate A/B testing of user behaviour across Paid and Organic traffic at a granular keyphrase level. Leveraging our user-led, agile reporting suite, our analysts show with statistically significant confidence the best blend of marketing activity to drive the greatest value to your business.

Our agile reporting platform SearchLens allows 100% customisable report automation, freeing our analysts to spend their time delivering SMART objectives from deep insight analysis.

Paid and Organic SERP-behaviour-split-testing through our tool suite facilitates media-mix analysis and the maximisation of PPC budget to maximise generic-term growth, accelerating high-lifetime-value customer acquisition.

Our data ingestion and transformation tool, Sternidae, enables customisable API collection and generation from static-data warehousing, enabling integration to a modern data and reporting stack regardless of your current implementation. This thorough data management solution provides unique insight tooling – such as cohort insight analysis using Corvidae's random forest machine-learning algorithm – to build statistically significant lifetime-value analysis despite imperfect historic data tagging and storage.

Finally, our user-centric reporting and KPI focus, partnered with a commitment to SMART objectives, allows our analysts to work with your team to improve your data's ability to drive business performance and to focus on solving issues that really matter.

Our inbound marketing strategies, built using SwiftLink audience insights, allow the pre-qualification of creative project success for SEO performance, eradicating wasted time on content targeting low share and low-tendency-to-link audiences.

A technical platform built on a decade's experience in web development and SEO, and proven in the largest websites in the world, ensures your campaign efficiency is second to none. For example, EE realised a £65m uplift in Organic revenue after working with QueryClick to merge their T-Mobile and Orange web properties.

We ensure that your SEO content campaign delivers top rank performance for terms that attract new and valuable customers through high value, user-led marketing and keyphrase strategies.

Quarterly campaign reviews onsite with your team cultivate strategic insight and reprioritisation in line with your business objectives. Furthermore, leveraging our unique ability to provide statistically robust cross-channel marketing performance forecasts, we commit to share SEO performance risk with you, ensuring our team is as incentivised as you are to drive performance.

Agile account management automation, using our Sternidae and SearchLens tool stack, helps us to layer manual insights developed by accredited experts into our PPC account management, creating a unique custom automation solution without budget wastage on 'algorithm training' for black-box Paid management tools.

For example, by matching generic bid pricing to local weather variations on a city-by-city basis using local-weather APIs and SearchLens automation, Hunter benefitted from a 212% increase in revenue across UK and US territories under QueryClick's management.

Our team's access to Corvidae and Halo tools also facilitates synergistic Paid and Organic search strategies, eliminating spend cannibalisation and maximising new, high-lifetime-value customer acquisition. In addition, Corvidae's Cohort Insight analysis enables cross-channel customer lookalike modelling. This allows new-customer conversion utilising Paid and Programmatic channels at a fraction of the overall CPAs required when viewing the strategies in silo.

72% of display ad spend is now via Programmatic buying, representing $22bn a year in the US alone. Demand Side Platforms enable display spend in this market, and QueryClick's technology partner, Avocet, is at the cutting edge. Avocet's 'viewable post view' bid criteria ensures you only pay for ads that have actually been seen by your customers, eliminating ad fraud and 'Cookie Bombing' issues that typically account for up to 45% of your campaign budget on other platforms.

Live bid management facilitates integration with SearchLens & Corvidae to create an adtech stack that allows multichannel new-customer acquisition strategies and CPAs at a fraction of silo-view campaigns. A major European consumer goods business benefitted from this approach, reporting CPAs at 1/8th of their original cost, leaving a 72% profit margin in a competitive market for growth.

Similarly, a UK credit card company achieved sub £50 new-customer CPAs by sharing cohort data with their PPC campaign, allowing efficient lookalike prospecting which triggered a 3x uptick in brand search volume where the Programmatic ads had been seen.

QueryClick are also committed to absolute client transparency, operating as a challenger agency to the 'Big Five', who were found to have systematically profited from their client ad spends by claiming rebates from media companies in return for guaranteed minimum spends. Our transparent approach extends to the inclusion of full self-serve options, ensuring peace of mind that your spend is being fairly used by your agency.

QueryClick's tool suite allows the identification of underappreciated Customer Cohorts and using statistically significant forecast revenue impact analysis, we build robust business cases for the testing of each conversion improvement hypothesis.

Predictive A/B testing uses machine learning to understand the expected outcome of user cohort behaviour without requiring content or technical changes onsite. Combined with smart, holistic conversion techniques, fast hypothesis testing to outcomes, and packaged technical onsite changes, our clients can achieve accelerated improvement and increase their growth opportunity for new customers in Paid and Programmatic channels.

Using this integrated approach to conversion optimisation, Toys R Us implemented onpage content to support Organic and Paid traffic following our analysis, resulting in a 41.6% increase in transaction rate for their 'Gifting' cohort.

Similarly, Envirofone experienced a 52% increase in year-on-year revenue from Organic & Paid traffic after implementing onpage conversion optimisation ahead of the launch of the iPhone 6s.

Complementing your in-house social media teams, QueryClick's social strategies enhance outreach effectiveness and build strategic, measurable goals into team workflow and planning. Unique marketplace data provided by SwiftLink allows the targeting of social influencers that would otherwise be missed, and who have a higher impact on SEO performance and inbound campaign outreach effectiveness.

Cohort insights from Corvidae reframe campaign priorities, and identify new influencer targets and currently under-utilised amplification strategies.

Our comprehensive training programme facilitates the upskilling of your internal teams to work within a SMART objective framework in support of non-revenue targeted campaign activity, enforcing clarity of purpose and better social strategy outcome planning and execution.

Access to tooling insights at an individual campaign level also helps segment social into a multipurpose channel that effectively operates in service to PR and branding priorities, while at the same time delivering channel growth objectives for Paid, Organic and Affiliates or Email.

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