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Performance Marketing Strategies

At QueryClick, all our strategies and recommendations are driven by a continuous stream of actionable data that allow us to tailor our work to your priorities and KPIs, resulting in bespoke, integrated strategies that are directly linked to your commercial objectives.

From search engine optimisation to programmatic advertising, analytics and social media management, our specialists recognise the importance of a holistic multichannel marketing strategy that takes into account your wider business objectives and which is tailored to drive efficiency and growth.

Forecasted Attribution

Attributing value accurately empowers strategic decisions to drive your overall marketing performance by showing true growth opportunities and highlighting wasted budget and cannibalisation. Our world-first machine learning forecast tool Corvidae allows the adjustment of marketing spend across channels to provide the greatest overall ROI for your budgets.

Analytics & Analysis

Our analytics service provides both our internal departments and our clients with a regular stream of data and insight that can be used to mould our search marketing strategies and improve our services. From auditing your analytics setup to customising reports to your KPIs, our team take the needs of your wider business plan into account throughout a campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With an expertise in everything from technical SEO to content and inbound marketing, our search engine optimisation specialists are capable of producing bespoke, holistic strategies that are built on data analysis and tailored to improve the performance of your domain across a variety of key areas.

Paid Search (PPC)

Our PPC team are highly regarded for their high quality of customer service, strategic agility, and excellent results. Supported by a range of industry leading tools, our strategies utilise data-led insights and years of expertise to provide first-class PPC and programmatic campaigns that can perform independently or in tandem with our other services.

Programmatic Advertising

Our programmatic advertising strategies are at the cutting edge of innovation, using advanced machine learning to improve and accelerate results as well as reducing fraudulent impressions. Our strategies utilise cross-device targeting to coordinate advertising campaigns across multiple platforms at a CPA determined by you.

Conversion Optimisation

Our conversion rate optimisation service uses trusted analytics packages and established research techniques to ensure that the changes we recommend are right for you, your business, and your customers. Liaising with other departments as part of an integrated strategy, our CRO experts work to increase ROI by improving the user journey and maximising onsite conversion.

Social Media Strategy

As a core component of our inbound marketing department, our social media team provide highly informed recommendations and strategies built around measurable engagement metrics and designed to enhance brand awareness, link building, and user experience across a variety of channels.


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