Forecasted Attribution

Multichannel strategy built on accurate data insights

QueryClick's forecasted attribution tool Corvidae allows the adjustment of cross-channel marketing spend to provide the greatest overall ROI for your current and future marketing budgets. Existing products on the market, including Google's Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry), only provide historic attribution insights, preventing pro-active spend adjustment to your best-fit marketing blend and immediate benefits to spend performance.

By locking down individual channel efficiency in this way, growth-discovery opportunities also identified by the tool are captured. This maximises performance growth at the lowest overall ROI possible and provides clear, measurable and robust strategy targets.

Corvidae uses bleeding-edge data science and machine-learning algorithms to achieve its unique-to-market performance forecast functionality.

Building an attribution model that accurately reflects your online and offline marketing activities' impact on your bottom line is essential for competitive performance in a mature digital marketing landscape.

With tightened budgets and increased performance expectations in saturated markets, a competitive edge is crucial. Returning a strong ROI and achieving your growth targets relies on knowing your true break-even CPA for Paid mobile non-brand terms, as well as identifying where the lowest competition Organic growth opportunities exist to drive increased footfall to your stores.

'Media mix' analysis lies at the heart of testing and refining an effective attribution model, but can delay the development of meaningful impact activities while awaiting test results, often causing a missed opportunity to radically adjust your spend strategy ahead of seasonal peaks. Using Corvidae's random forest machine-learning mechanism, QueryClick simulates billions of future outcomes based on your historic marketing data and resolves your media mix blend to a perfect balance of growth and ROI instantly, allowing you to maximise your strategic use of budget ahead of key seasonal dates.

Our ability to capture millions of rows of online and offline data daily and process even the largest data firehose is enabled through a scalable cloud architecture deployment and a sophisticated, customisable data-cleansing solution.

Determining Growth Opportunity & Efficiency

While Corvidae provides a perfect spend strategy across your marketing channels, our digital marketing experts assess qualitative efficiency and growth opportunities to incorporate into a wider multichannel attribution strategy. Growth assessment benefits from auditing channel efficiency, a task which is undertaken by channel specialists from the wider QueryClick team.

Our Paid Search team work to support Corvidae insights by pulling statistically significant forecast spend improvement data for discussion and a walkthrough of key technical or strategic adjustments required across Programmatic and traditional Paid spend activities. These include search engine Pay Per Click (PPC/SEM), PLA/Shopping, Local Ads alongside traditional Display, Remarketing and Outreach.

+19% paid revenue no additional spend

Reviewing location targeting across Cupid PLC's Paid and Organic channels delivered a 30% decrease in cost per booking, immediately driving up Paid revenue by 19% for no additional budget.

Additionally, our Organic search team supply technical insight on platform-opportunity gaps and their impact on business performance.

Furthermore, multinational localisation, architecture, onpage and indexing efficiency are often key impact items that can be long-term legacy issues for larger brands. With experience working to effect change in larger businesses, QueryClick's team realistically assess the implementation path of change requests for heavyweight transactional, multinational websites, and ensure your SEO channel efficiency forecast is robust, conservative, and reflective of your real-world ability to effect site change.

We work with our clients to solve longstanding technical barriers to performance, working as an onsite extension of your team. We also work with remote teams effectively and thoughtfully to build clear and coherent business cases for technical change, as well as providing remote support regardless of time zone.

+162% uplift multinational organic traffic

Schlumberger's American office came to QueryClick with a multinational ranking challenge. Working across nine countries we resolved multinational SEO issues with a prioritised technical hit list and drove a 162% uplift in Organic traffic within two months.

Growth expansion also requires the assessment of channel underutilisation. Working with our preferred DSP bid platform partners, Avocet, we use statistically robust opportunity assessment to find a competitive edge for your marketplace. For example, transitioning a Europe-wide home and garden consumer electronics business to Avocet from another DSP partner reduced CPAs from £16 to £2.27, a CPA reduction of 85.8%.

Avoiding 'Cookie bombing' and utilising a Viewable Post-View metric in your Programmatic bid algorithm can be a powerful efficiency lever and must be built into any thoughtful forecasted attribution model.

Individual channel expertise and unique data provided by Corvidae enables us to identify our clients' highest lifetime-value customers and group them into cohorts based on their initial conversion path across multiple marketing channels. We then build lookalike models to estimate the total available high-value customers in each channel, meaning our analysts have perfect vision of the total available growth and ROI implication for every marketing channel supplying data.

Understanding Device Target Strategies & Multiscreen Attribution

Device efficiency optimisation is also key to digital marketing performance assessment. Where Paid bid architecture and creatives are not effectively optimised for a channel, for example, CPAs are typically badly affected. Structural account issues can also commonly cause campaigns to fail to deliver their best performance, particularly on mobile or tablet devices.

+13% conversion rate & 16% PPC revenue from re-architecture

An account re-architecture allowed our PPC team to immediately deliver a 13% increase in conversion rate for mobile and tablet traffic thanks to better matching keyphrase targeting to ad creative in order to pre-qualify clicks. This resulted in an overall PPC revenue increase of 16% for the same overall spend.

QueryClick's experts perform holistic assessment across all digital marketing channels to reveal a range of incremental improvements for mobile and tablet devices that aggregate to significant meaningful performance improvement.

By considering the uplift potential for a channel by device, we develop a clear, unilateral technical prioritisation strategy to underpin your site platform performance. Locking in platform improvement for weaker device performance (typically mobile is the dominant online device by volume and revenue) reaps speed and conversion benefits that profoundly affect your overall attribution blend.

QueryClick's Halo insight analysis tool allows assessment of device spend across Paid and Organic channels, highlighting CPA failures, brand cannibalisation, generic term growth scope and overall revenue improvement limits. All of this data feeds directly into a device-segmented channel efficiency assessment that supports the overlying multichannel attribution model.

£4.5m paid spend cannibalisation removal

Our 'Halo SERP Insights' tool detected £4.5m of testable Paid spend cannibalisation where Organic positions held a +50% above expected CTR for #1 ranking 'brand plus generic' terms for Airbnb, allowing significant testing and ROI improvement opportunity.

Extending device-performance measurement to go beyond MCA-ADC attribution measurement (attribution measurement across digital channels) into MCA-AMS (attribution measurement across multiple screens) allows Corvidae to assess and build user-level attribution models, further extending its capabilities to transform your targeting efforts.

This is achievable for businesses that have sufficient marketing data to allow the underlying machine-learning algorithm to be trained. Typically this requires a minimum of two years' data for high-volume sites with extensive engagement or transactional data, as well as high levels of marketing activity across traditional online channels including Social, Affiliates, Email, Paid, Programmatic, SEO, traditional Display and offline Local Activation.

Integration of CRM data is essential, and data wrangling from all sources is handled (and automated) by another in-house tool: Sternidae.

10.3m rows of data cleansed daily

Sternidae cleanses and automates the ingestion of 10.3 million rows of data daily for Corvidae analysis with B&Q.

Before working with you, we assess your data to understand how to beat your growth targets without ramping up budgets. We take a holistic view across the entirety of your marketing spend and strategy, then apply bleeding edge machine-learning data science to build a highly efficient, statistically significant forecast to help understand precisely the impact QueryClick will have on your business from day one.

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