Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Drive cross-channel performance with data-driven conversion optimisation & UX

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is a structured process which seeks to use deep data insights to improve the ability of your website, app or profile to convey your sales proposition in the most powerful way possible while also developing your organic search performance, providing high converting landing pages and offering a great user experience (UX).

+19% homepage conversion rate

Whittard engaged QueryClick to apply CRO to their recent site redesign which had impacted conversion rates. Our data-led approach allowed us to drive a +19% conversion rate improvement to their homepage in the first month of operation.

At QueryClick, we use unique-to-market tooling and data to harness lifetime-value metrics and optimise for underappreciated Customer Cohorts. Access to our machine-learning tool, Corvidae, allows the identification of underappreciated, high-lifetime-value customers and optimisation to target the most profitable segments.

Our conversion strategies are constructed on a solid data foundation collected by trusted analytics packages, established research practices, leading split-testing tools and our own tool suite. Operating as a standalone service or as part of a wider integrated marketing campaign, our conversion team utilise forecasted multichannel optimisation data to enable predictive A/B testing for conversion improvement proposals, generating a statistically robust business case for each test hypothesis.

A CRO strategy can be concentrated on isolated customer segments and campaigns or tailored to encompass an entire site, but the focus remains consistent: maximising user engagement and conversion to increase ROI across all digital marketing channels.

+9.1% booking engine conversion

Big Bus Tours work with QueryClick across a multichannel strategy. We determined there was opportunity to improve th ebooking engine and applied multivariate testing and initial analytical insight to drive a 9.1% improvement in booking funnel conversion for all channel traffic.

Data-led Conversion Optimisation

QueryClick's approach to integrated marketing is rooted in unique data insights, something that is reflected in our CRO service. Placing our tool suite at the heart of every conversion campaign, we maximise our team's ability to enact measurable change by supporting them with a team of analysts available to solve tracking gaps and to support customer data integration with our tools.

Forecasting using Corvidae enables post-conversion spend adjustment improvement opportunities, allowing the true growth-opportunity value of a proposed test to be given in metrics meaningful for stakeholder buy-in, and the development of an 'always testing' culture of improvement.

+£41.6% transactions via content optimisation

A key contributor to ultimately driving £19.5 million organic revenue, a major UK high street retailer benefitted from a 41.6% increase in transactions for gifting guide content applied strategically across the UK site in line with data insights from QueryClick's analysts.

Furthermore, multichannel attributed impact on Customer Cohort activity means conversion tests are targeted at the highest value pain point for your customers, allowing our experts to use cross-channel data to be customer-led by identifying the weakest point in your user-flow for optimisation.

Corvidae's Critical Conversion Path Insights also highlight multi-touch marketing message failures that can be A/B tested before customers arrive on your site via Paid Social, Programmatic, Paid Search, Affiliates, and Organic CTR messaging alignment to cohort values. This enables the identification and resolution of content weaknesses and underperforming purchase touch-points, increasing the effectiveness of off-site messaging and optimising your user-journey.

+471% transaction & +39% paid mobile CTR

Our CRO team developed mobile-optimised landing pages for Sally Salon Services paid landing pages and refactored the PPC copy to tighten up the customer conversion journey to deliver a 471% increase in transactions and a 39% improvement in mobile clickthrough rate (CTR).

Our conversion team also leverage SERP behaviour analysis from another of our in-house tools, Halo, to conduct segmented 'new Customer' engagement conversion improvement analysis. Close collaboration with specialists from our Paid Search team allows us to tie onsite performance metrics back to generic search terms to carry out further analysis relating to new vs. returning users.

Weaverbird, our in-house site performance monitoring suite, enables our team to flag technical pain points for clients while also quantifying the value of conversion improvements for consideration in testing plans. Our conversion specialists leverage Weaverbird to determine value per click – or click opportunity – which boosts conversion rates across the site and ultimately supports revenue generation.

Our unique customer-led reporting suite emphasises the importance of high-lifetime-value customer acquisition and quantifies the value of conversion test prioritisation for clients.

+52% YoY Incremental Cross-Channel Revenue

By targeting key iPhone launch dates using Halo reports, Search Console insights, and Search Query reports, QueryClick delivered a boost of 52% YoY incremental revenue on launch.

QueryClick's clients see measurable increases in traffic, user engagement, conversion rate and subsequently revenue through insights drawn by our conversion team. During the launch of the iPhone 6, Envirofone felt the benefits of integrated collaboration between our CRO and Paid Search teams to create search query reports and a landing page optimisation strategy that resulted in a +52% incremental increase in year-on-year revenue.

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