Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Apply unique machine learning tech to develop great customer touchpoints that convert browsers into customers

Conversion Rate Optimisation uses deep data insights to ensure every customer touchpoint conveys your proposition in the most powerful way possible. It also develops your organic search performance, provides high-converting landing pages and offers a great user experience.

We use our own sophisticated technology to identify under-appreciated, under-exploited, high lifetime-value customer cohorts, and then optimise to target the most profitable segments. Forecasted, multichannel optimisation data enables predictive A/B testing for each hypothesis, providing a statistically robust business case for each conversion improvement proposal.

A QueryClick CRO strategy may concentrate on isolated customer segments/campaigns or be tailored to encompass an entire site. But our focus remains consistent: to maximise user engagement and conversion to increase ROI across all digital marketing channels.

Clients see measurable increases in other metrics such as traffic, user engagement, conversion rate - and subsequently revenue - through insights drawn by our conversion team.


Whittard: QC’s data-led approach resulted in a 19% improvement to homepage conversion rates within a month, after a site redesign had adversely impacted conversion rates.

Big Bus Tours: Across a multichannel strategy, QC established the opportunity to improve the e-booking engine. Multivariate testing and analytical insight achieved a 9.1% improvement in booking funnel conversion for all channel traffic.

Envirofone: integrated collaboration between QC’s CRO and paid search teams resulted in a 52% increase in year-on-year revenue during the launch of the iPhone 6, through a combination of search query reports and a landing page optimisation strategy.

Major high street retailer (UK): data insights from QC’s analysts resulted in a major UK high street retailer benefitting from a 41.6% increase in transactions, by applying ‘gifting guide’ content strategically across its UK site. This was a key contributor to what ultimately became £19.5m in organic revenue.

Sally Salon: QC’s CRO team delivered a 471% increase in transactions and a 39% improvement in mobile click through rate (CTR) by developing mobile-optimised ‘paid’ landing pages and refactoring PPC copy to tighten up the customer conversion journey.

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