Multichannel Marketing Insight

Unique to market tooling and consultative support from industry experts.

Our in-house tool Corvidae uses machine learning to solve the issue of aligning multiple data silos to allow true customer-lifetime-value calculation.

With this data, we isolate customer cohorts for your highest lifetime value customers and understand their critical first conversion path, enabling the development of highly tailored multi-channel strategies that drive growth at your chosen ROI with statistically sound forecasting at their heart.

We also transform session-led analytics information into customer-led insight, ready for re-ingestion back into yuor existing analytics platform or for immediate visualisation via API. Our insights and analysis team cascade multi-channel strategies from this data to truly drive performance that moves the needle.

Achieving this focus requires a skilled separation of signal from the noise. Using bleeding-edge data analysis in our agile tool suite, our analysts isolate meaningful insights, quantify their impact on performance in fine-grain detail and deliver market-leading performance improvements.

QueryClick's data insights are focused on facilitating change. By showing the pound or dollar impact of each insight in the overall strategy, we enable clear and easy prioritisation and focus on the actions that matter.

Understanding the impact of cross-channel change also facilitates the strategic use of what we call 'halo-effect' insights. Named after this effect, our in-house Halo tool is designed to demonstrate its impact on SEO and PPC activity by determining the precise saving or spend opportunity that is achievable when SERP behaviours across these channels are integrated. This maximises your budgets efficiently and aggressively grows overall search traffic volumes at the highest achievable ROI.


Eliminate Paid Cannibalisation and Maximise overall SERP CTRs to +10%

View your clickthrough rate Vs expected using QC's 2.1 billion SERP click behaviour meta study for organic and paid channels and their impact on each other using SearchLens' unique 'Halo' report.

A Data-Led Culture

To execute and deliver actionable insight at scale for major global brands, we have built our performance marketing service around a well-balanced combination of agile data platforms and a data-led analytical approach.

Analytical insight is harder to come by (and more expensive) if 90% of an analyst's time is spent sourcing, grabbing and cleaning data. By leveraging automation, QueryClick analysts spend just 10% of their time collecting data and 90% exploring, investigating and extracting insight for our clients.

For example, we utilise an agile tooling platform (SearchLens) and an automatable data cleansing tool (Sternidae) to collect 10.3 million rows of data daily from B&Q's data silos to undertake unique customer-lifetime-value calculations and cohort analysis to derive statistically significant forecasting and budget realignment across their online marketing channels.

Our teams, from analytics to content and inbound marketing, are invested in letting data lead their client strategies. Meaningful metrics form the basis of key deliverables and serve as the rationale for day-to-day and month-to-month actions across our campaigns.

+$350k p.a. high lifetime value (LTV) cohorts.

Cohort analysis using Corvidae uncovered an extra $350k p.a. high value customer-cohort audience available for targeting in the US market via lookalike modelling and programmatic prospecting at the lowest CPA of any channel.

All clients undergo an onboarding process to align their data collection and storage with best practice and to enable tagging and unique-customer identification cross device and offline-data integration. Typically, that process includes:

Analytics Healthchecks

Our analytics healthchecks ensure accurate data and the existence of 'ground truths'. This provides a solid basis for a rolling upgrade and gap-reduction plan to enhance ongoing reporting and analysis.

In our experience, client-side analytics teams are highly skilled but lack the time required to undertake high-level audits, especially as this often leads to further investigative work to uncover the cause of data gaps or tracking inconsistencies. By delegating this activity to a third party, businesses benefit from an impartial view and can purchase ad-hoc, follow-on support from our team to supplement their in-house capabilities and bring data-collection standards up to the mark.

In addition to auditing data collection, we implement tagging solutions that ensure easy maintainability and safeguard the continual process of deep-data collection.

Agile Data Sourcing and Ingestion

QueryClick's analysts use our in-house tooling solutions to automate the extraction and cleansing of data, allowing them to focus on leveraging insight from your data. Our data pipelines ensure quick and robust access to a wide range of insight.

10.3m rows of data cleansed daily

Sternidae cleanses and automates the ingestion of 10.3 million rows of data daily for Corvidae analysis with B&Q.

Data Modelling

After establishing a solid data foundation, our analysts utilise robust statistical techniques to build forecasting and behaviour-prediction models on top of the data supplied by our tools to provide an accurate, interpretable picture of the future. Delivering confidence intervals and margins for error ensures that the full context is used when analysing data.

In practice, this means in addition to accurate multichannel budget remodelling or forecasted Organic traffic return, our data insights are provided with a plain-English walkthrough of meaning and impact and are associated with actionable insights within a defined timeframe.

Our approach ensures that your recommendations are tailored to drive underlying business performance and can be broken into digestible actions that can be delivered by your internal team or QueryClick's team on your behalf. By making sure that all recommendations work within this framework, we deliver significant performance improvement over the duration of your campaign.

+£65m organic revenue post migration.

Our analysts and technical search team led the development of a robust migration plan for EE which delivered an Organic revenue uplift of +£65 million over the subsequent year to migration. Our data and migration plan was described by Google as the best managed, most thorough and successful large-scale migration in the UK to date.

R&D & Agile Tooling Support

QueryClick is a challenger agency in the market, and has invested heavily in R&D from its inception, differentiating our service and providing utility to large brands that require unique strategies, support and integration with highly complex MarTech and infrastructural technology stacks.

Using our technical and analytical expertise, we have created a market-leading robust MarTech platform offering agile tooling to help deliver insight to clients.


SERP Insights to Drive ROI across SEO & PPC

Organic SERP competitive intelligence, including an organic-only derived 'Domain Authority' and the unique 'Search Volatility' metric. SearchLens enables optimisation of SERP strategy across Paid & Organic to drive revenue acquisition and offers live reporting & alerting.

SearchLens is a bespoke, agile search marketing analysis platform which delivers unique-to-market data.

  • Enterprise-level SERP rank intelligence and gap insights including:
    • Local search result location using our bespoke IP suite.
    • Mobile, tablet and desktop result segmentation.
    • SERP Knowledge Graph identification and segmentation.
    • Rank-competitiveness identification using a custom algorithm.
    • Domain visibility and gap identification.
    • Rank-impression volume and expected CTR metrics integrated with Google Search Console Data.
    • Unique-to-market rank-volatility calculation for target keyphrase terms.
  • Agile, custom reporting automation and data integration with Microsoft 'Power Query' data source requirements.
  • Custom rank alerting for keyphrase groupings at daily granularity.
  • SEM 'halo-effect' data and revenue impact assessment, providing:
    • PPC spend-saving volume assessment for brand and non-brand.
    • PPC opportunity-spend gaps for integration with Paid Search strategies.
    • Organic ranking gaps for high-spend-value Paid Search generic terms, segmentable by term length.
  • Data pipelines for APIs (Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture et al.) and custom sources; entirely automatable data cleansing.


Pre-Qualify Content for SEO Before Investing Time in Creative

Connects social data to external link data to provide a Tendency to Link (TTL) & Tendency to Share (TTS) metric for pre-qualification of inbound activity targets. Map inbound strategy to the See Think Do Care framework and your highest priority keyphrase sets to drive maximum SEO ROI.

SwiftLink audience insight data allows effective targeting of inbound projects before investing creative time. SwiftLink data provision includes:

  • Target audience 'Tendency to Link' KPI.
    • A measurement of an audience's tendency to link back to content. This is segmentable by the keyphrases targeted, social-channel performance, and content type. This metric lies at the heart of QueryClick's ability to outperform competing agencies in their delivery of content-led projects that move the needle for SEO, allowing the disqualification of content projects with poor link audiences before content suggestion, creation, or promotion.
  • 'Links per Share' KPI calculations and integration with social influencer data to identify strategic audience targets and understand their content preferences.
  • Domain backlink profile SWOT benchmarking and domain diversification strategy.
  • Inbound/content performance insights and forecasting, including sentiment analysis and content 'anatomy' for high audience engagement.
  • Competitive performance monitoring, content freshness measurement and content message management.


Transform Web Analytics Sessions to People

Take session-led digital analytics and use machine learning to transform it into 'Audience-Led' analytics. In addition, map data to your other marketing data silos using statistical analysis.

Our 'big-data' analysis platform has been designed to solve the challenge of integrating multiple MarTech data silos using a random forest machine-learning algorithm. Targeted to allow the discovery of unique customer lifetime values, Corvidae sits at the heart of QueryClick's consultative strategy-building approach. Delivering true insight to determine the underlying causes of business performance, Corvidae ensures our campaigns deliver market-leading performance every time.

Specifically tailored to realise value for online marketing decisions, insights are not limited to online marketing strategies, as understanding omnichannel impact is essential and captured within the scope of the algorithm. Therefore, a genuinely multi-channel strategy is built upon Corvidae insights to allow best overall return on investment performance for our clients.

Traditional Corvidae insight reporting covers:

  • Unique user-level attribution modelling and predictive analytics.
  • Multichannel high-value customer cohort insight.
  • Statistically robust traffic, margin and revenue forecasting.
  • Data storage, maintenance and cleansing for analysis via API ingestion.
  • Insight-impact report packaging for agile analysis using Power BI/Power Query/3rd party dashboarding.


Precise insertion of dynamic intelligent automation to paid spend strategies

Agile bid automation & data manipulation tool designed to allow precise insertion of dynamic intelligent automation to human-led paid spend strategies. Dynamic creation / enhancement of product feeds either from existing or via data scraping.

Delivering the heavy lifting for data-insight generation and management, Sternidae is a suite of dynamic automation tools developed to source data from client data silos. Truly agile in scope, Sternidae allows manual data cleansing to be automated on demand, freeing our analysts to spend their time on finding and delivering insight for our clients.

Sternidae is also utilised heavily by our PPC and Programmatic account teams to provide menial automation where appropriate (third party price scraping, bid adjustment and dynamic feed insertion, for example), and allows:

  • Manual data collection automation.
  • A repeatable data wrangling process, customisable to I/O.
  • Integration of offline marketing data with online.
  • API provision for static/scraped data sources.


Build Deep Insight on extensible, secure and dynamic GDPR compliant marketing data storage

Schemaless, document-oriented database with querying over-layer allowing efficient, document-based data model. Paired with QC implemented Snowplow tags, allows full GDPR compliant configuration & complete enterprise-scale replacement of GA & Adobe Analytics.

Weaverbird is a unique GDPR compliant data-platform, performance monitoring and intervention tool, allowing early-bird alerting to site stability or performance issues which may impact marketing channel performance (server speed delays driving up CPAs due to worsened checkout conversion, for example). Weaverbird also enables dynamic competitive-intelligence data to enrich client reporting where useful or insightful.

Along with standard uptime performance triggers and alerting, Weaverbird also supplies:

  • Time-to-first-byte performance alerting and robust benchmarking.
  • Dynamic, automatable site architecture mapping and alerting.
  • Technical SEO audit maintenance alerting and content mapping.
  • Competitive intelligence for content freshness/publication frequency monitoring.
  • Competitor pricing bid adjustment feeds.
  • Contextual data bid adjustment feeds (for example, weather, local events, etc.)
  • Feed enhancement (for example, Google Shopping feed enhancement to latest bid opportunity enclosures).
  • Local feed enrichment, data collection and cleansing automation.

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