Analytics Insights

Consultative analytics and data-science, informed by unique, machine-learning tech, solves the issue of aligning multiple data silos and enables proper customer lifetime-value calculation

To execute and deliver insight at scale, our service portfolio is built on a well-balanced combination of agile data platforms and a data-led analytical approach.

Our in-house tool, Corvidae, uses machine-learning to solve the issue of aligning multiple data silos to allow true customer-lifetime-value calculation. We isolate customer cohorts for your highest lifetime-value customers and understand their critical first conversion path. This enables the development of highly tailored multi-channel strategies that drive growth, with statistically sound forecasting at their heart.

Session-led analytics data is transformed into customer-led insight, ready for:

  • re-ingestion into your existing analytics platform
  • for immediate visualisation via API
  • for QC’s insights and analysis team to cascade multi-channel strategies from this data that drive performance.

QC’s data insights facilitate change: by showing the monetary impact of each insight in the overall strategy, we enable clear and easy prioritisation of the actions that matter.


Dramafever: Cohort analysis using QC’s Corvidae tool uncovered an extra $350k per year of high-value customer-cohort audience available for targeting in the US market. This was achieved via lookalike modelling and programmatic prospecting at the lowest CPA of any channel.

B&Q: QC’s analysts use our in-house tech to automatically extract and cleanse data, allowing them to focus on leveraging insight from the data: 10.3 million rows of data daily, ready for analysis.

EE: QC led the development of a robust migration plan for EE (combining T-Mobile and Orange) which was described by Google in 2015 as the best-managed, most thorough and successful large-scale migration in the UK to date. QC delivered an organic revenue uplift of £65 million over the subsequent year to migration.

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