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Multichannel Insight

We are focused on delivering actionable insight tailored to achieving client target business objectives. Achieving this focus requires a skilled separation of the signal from the noise. Using bleeding edge data analysis in our agile tool suite, our analysts can isolate meaningful insights and quantify their impact on performance to fine-grain detail.

As a result, we deliver market-leading performance improvements.

QueryClick's data insights facilitate change. By showing the pound and pence impact of each insight in the overall strategy, we enable clear and easy prioritisation and focus on the actions that matter.

Understanding the impact of change cross-channel also allows strategic use of what we call 'halo effect' insights. For example, our in-house tool 'Halo Insights' shows the precise savings in spend that are achievable when SEO rank target improvements are completed, allowing you to synergise your budgets and aggressively grow overall search traffic volumes at the most cost effective rate.

A Data-Led Culture

To execute and deliver actionable insight at scale for major global brands, we have built our performance marketing service around a well-balanced combination of agile data platforms and a deeply analytical approach.

Analytical insight is hard to come by (and more expensive) if 90% of an analyst’s time is spent sourcing, grabbing and cleaning data. By leveraging automation, QueryClick analysts spend just 10% of their time collecting data and 90% exploring, investigating and extracting insight for our clients.

Our teams, from analytics to content and inbound marketing, are invested in letting data lead their client strategies. Meaningful metrics form the basis of many key deliverables and serve as rationale for day-to-day and month-to-month actions across our campaigns.

The following are some of the key components in an analytical journey:

Analytics 'Healthchecks'

Ensuring accurate data and that 'ground truths' exist provides a solid basis for ongoing reporting and analysis.

Agile Data Sourcing and Ingestion

QueryClick's analysts focus on extracting the value from data, not extracting the data itself. Our data pipelines ensure quick and robust access to a wide range of insight.

Data Modelling

Utilising trusted statistical techniques our forecasting and prediction models provide an accurate, interpretable picture of the future. Delivering confidence intervals and margins for error ensures that the full context is used when analysing data.

QueryClick's Tooling Suite

Our technical and analytical proficiency has resulted in a unique, market-leading set of tools to help deliver insight to clients, including:


  • A bespoke analysis platform which delivers:

    • Enterprise-level SERP rank intelligence & gap insights
    • Agile reporting automation
    • SEM 'Halo' effect data & revenue impact assesment
    • Data pipelines for APIs (Google Analytics, Omniture et al.) and custom sources


  • Audience insights, including:
    • Audience 'Tendency to Link' metric
    • 'Links per Share' calculation & integration with social influencer data
    • Backlink SWOT benchmark & profiling
    • Inbound content performance insight & forecast


  • Machine learning assisted forecasting and attribution, providing:

    • Statistically robust traffic and revenue forecasts
    • User-level attribution modelling and predictive analytics
    • Insight impact packaging


  • Site performance monitoring:

    • Time-to first-byte measurement
    • Site architecture mapping and alerting
    • Technical SEO and Content auditing/mapping
    • Content freshness monitoring

The Insight Team

Alan Hannah


Alan moved to QueryClick in August 2013 after spending two years working as a front-end developer for an accountancy firm in Aberdeen. In his role, Al...

David Fothergill

Head of Product Development & Insight

David is an experienced search marketer who heads up both our Product Development and Web Analytics teams. He has handled search marketing accounts fo...

Jamie Chalmers

Insight Analyst

Jamie is an experienced marketer who delivers data-evidenced analysis to optimise business process and performance. Prior to joining the team in Augus...


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