Agile Analytics & Custom Analysis

Live, data-driven insights aligned to your business objectives.

QueryClick is a multi-channel marketing consultancy with a data-first philosophy. Our analytics support therefore operates at the cutting edge: executing robust, comprehensive data-collection methodologies and implementing first-class data-hygiene protocols (while also automating dynamic data collection and cleansing).

Our analysts deliver insight-led reporting both internally and directly to our clients, working on-site where appropriate to ensure that critical metrics are accurate and appropriately formatted for C-Suite distribution. Our approach allows agile report automation, meaning you receive your key insight reports ahead of weekly management meetings and making sure that you are kept up to date on your multinational marketing campaign performance.

We take a data-first approach to everything we do, and automate the collation of multiple siloed data sources to inform the direction of all our search marketing strategies. This enables our analysts to spend their time analysing your data, rather than simply collecting and troubleshooting it.

We also believe that data without context is meaningless. We extract actionable insight linked to measurable improvement from your data using an agile approach, which means our analysts are trained to deep-dive using advanced segmentation techniques. We also bring unique-to-market contextual data to bear on our analysis using QueryClick's suite of marketing tools, and further enrich our analysis with industry benchmarks and by integrating competitive intelligence analysis from third-party industry tools.

Web Analytics & Our Consultative Approach

Web analytics is still a very software-centric discipline, and too often becomes bogged down in murky technical jargon and long implementation projects. This erodes trust in data and prevents businesses from leveraging the benefits of web analytics: optimising return on investment and customer experience.

+10% revenue across paid & organic

Integrating Google Search Console impression data with AdWords bid structures using our in-house tool 'Halo', we identified a significant shortfall in Impression capture, triggering a PPC campaign strategy review, and ultimately delivered a +10% increase in revenue generated by the target search terms.

Our approach to web analytics avoids these pitfalls, and leverages our agile reporting platform SearchLens to remove the implementation aspect of analytics support and allow 100% customisable, co-branded reporting options for internal KPI measurement. This reporting framework is automatable and supports alerting features such as email or SMS-alerting based on flexible alerting criteria.

Our complementary tool, Sternidae, allows data collection and cleansing for any existing MarTech stack, including common platforms such as the entirety of Google's 360 suite, Adobe's Marketing stack, Salesforce, SAP, and all enterprise-site delivery platforms. Where your marketing data is siloed on a custom platform, Sternidae allows the automation of data collection, wrangling and ingestion to integrate even the hardest to reach data for analysis and incorporation into your data stack.

Building a Robust Platform: Analytics Audits & Optimisation

QueryClick's client onboarding includes reviewing data-collection implementation, assessing data integration against best-practice criteria and methodologies to allow granular, customer-led reporting and analysis. We highlight any obvious issues with data collection and configuration, and work directly with your team or on-site to close the gaps encountered.

We understand that your business goals, audience and strategic needs are unique, so we also structure and optimise your Analytics platform to match your requirements, while also enhancing and futureproofing your methodologies.

This initial audit and refactoring of existing reporting allows the development of customer cohort analysis and insights, which are tailored to customer acquisition and retention strategies working across your marketing channels rather than siloed strategies, which act as if each marketing channel operates in a vacuum.

+19% paid revenue no additional spend

Reviewing location targeting across Cupid PLC's Paid and Organic channels delivered a 30% decrease in cost per booking, immediately driving up Paid revenue by 19% for no additional budget.

Focus on Insights & Analysis

As digital marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated, data resources widen and decision-making can become harder. Modern analysis is inherently multichannel, yet often isn't tasked with finding insight that requires cross-channel co-ordination to achieve results.

Customer-behaviour analysis requires this approach, and involves multiple touch-point interactions across campaigns, websites, and devices. Understanding individual customer return on investment - and therefore their lifetime value - requires a clear view of customer behaviour within the data. Once we have established this data-collection strategy, our team can conduct analysis that uses formalised KPIs and business-focused, actionable insight.

Often thought of as growth-hack reporting, our C-Suite reporting insights use the customer view and end-to-end impact analysis to highlight marketing channel efficiency and opportunity. For example, report outcomes are required to:

  • Show immediate, high-impact growth options (segmented by actual vs. possible, by channel).
  • Identify high-value efficiency 'levers' through monetary value impact (for example, page speed incrementality by conversion rate impact by channel, and growth opportunity achievable at the new higher rate CPA).
  • Demonstrate cohort-growth opportunity and CPA by channel.
  • Show running marketing spend by LTV gained for financial year, segmented by YoY channel-performance impact.

In this way, our approach is focused on delivering actionable analysis aimed at driving change.

+$350k p.a. high lifetime value (LTV) cohorts.

Cohort analysis using Corvidae uncovered an extra $350k p.a. high value customer-cohort audience available for targeting in the US market via lookalike modelling and programmatic prospecting at the lowest CPA of any channel.

Competitive Intelligence & Enriched Analysis

Getting analytics right helps you understand your customers better. Continually optimising your website and marketing campaigns builds visitor loyalty and improves ROI, helping your business stay ahead of the competition.

We enrich your data with our unique-to-market tooling and carefully chosen third-party data that allows for more meaningful analysis. For example, our SearchLens platform incorporates international Organic rank data and a unique 'Difficulty to Rank' metric that prioritises SEO targets that are achievable across short, medium and long-term strategies. This enables immediate and ongoing performance improvement in any of the +28 target countries currently monitored on behalf of our clients.

Our rank-analysis tool, SearchLens, uniquely incorporates:

  • Top-three 'volatility' measurement, identifying terms with higher possibility to be 'tested' in the top positions and retained with strong SERP CTR behaviour.
  • Existing rank 'risk' measurement, showing the inverse situation where you hold a top-three position but exhibit a worse than expected CTR for your ranking.
  • Collated domain-authority scoring, which synthesises similar scores from three industry-leading link analysis tools (Ahrefs, Majestic and OSE from Moz). This incorporates domain diversity into score calculation, reflecting Google's emphasis on this performance shown in industry studies.

Looking outside of simple rank data, we also integrate content freshness and contextual-analysis data into our benchmarking and ongoing consultancy services using our Weaverbird tool. This allows insight into your content strategy frequency and effectiveness alongside the publishing rate, content type, social engagement, backlink success, and Paid advertising strategy of your chosen, key competitors.

Accreditation & The 'Always Learning' Philosophy

At QueryClick we take accurate, informed analytics seriously, and every one of our search marketing specialists must pass the Google Analytics certification exam (GAIQ) as part of their probationary review. In addition, our dedicated analytics and reporting team work across a wide range of both technical and analytical projects, including:

  • Analytics auditing, configuration and deployment troubleshooting.
  • Best-practice implementation walkthroughs, documentation and guidance.
  • Automated reporting and C-Suite dashboard solutions.
  • Agile "quick-win" analysis designed to deliver answers and optimisations in short time frames, to build confidence in the analytics strategy across the wider business.
  • Large-scale statistical research and analysis for global enterprise solutions.

In summary, we make analytics data easier for both our experts and our clients to understand and gain insight from by ensuring thorough data implementation at the outset before we switch to insight analysis.

A Robust, Cloud-Based Data Storage & Insight Platform

In addition to regular insight analysis, we offer a suite of technological solutions that allow our account service teams to deliver award-winning client results. When providing insight support for B&Q, we developed a robust cloud-based data storage and analysis platform that receives 10.3 million rows of data a day from our data-cleansing tool, Sternidae.

£4.5m paid spend cannibalisation removal

Our 'Halo SERP Insights' tool detected £4.5m of testable Paid spend cannibalisation where Organic positions held a +50% above expected CTR for #1 ranking 'brand plus generic' terms for Airbnb, allowing significant testing and ROI improvement opportunity.

This platform allows our Attribution and Customer Insight analysis tool, Corvidae, to process teraflops of data instantly and provide real-time C-Suite dashboard updates to enable the growth-hack approach favoured by enterprise businesses looking to outcompete their competition or disrupt a growth market.

Typical insight processes developed using Corvidae include:

  • Instant cross-channel media mix analysis, using machine-learning techniques to run billions of simultaneous multivariate tests on historic data. This identifies unique customer behaviour and models their reaction to future changes in channel budgets and activity.
  • Elimination of inaccurate reporting of channel performance, through delivery of a universal channel-attribution model using a similar 'random forest' machine-learning algorithm.
  • Unique, cross-device customer tracking using cohort behaviour association and further machine-learning data processing.
  • Lookalike modelling opportunities at accurate CPAs derived from omnichannel cohort analysis.
  • Identifying statistically significant insight into forecast channel performance, and extrapolating growth opportunities.
  • Determining unique, historic customer-lifetime values for retrospective channel-performance analysis and C-Suite budget-adjustment assessment.
  • SERP-behaviour channel analysis across SEO and PPC activity to 100% search term granularity (returning 'Not-Provided' data to your data stack).
  • A deterministically accurate Desktop, Tablet and Mobile data segmentation mechanism where no segmentation exists in tagging data.

-16% paid CPAs via offline conversion

Our analysts identified gaps in goal tracking and offline conversion for a legal client, then worked with our PPC team to implement a custom goal-refit and offline conversion-tracking strategy. Insights derived from this new data allowed testing and change implementation that drove immediate change, returning a -16% reduction in Paid CPAs for high value financial bid terms.

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