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At QueryClick we take a data-led approach to everything we do, using a variety of data sources to inform the direction of all of our search marketing strategies.

We also believe that data without context is meaningless. We extract actionable insight linked to measurable improvement from the data using a wide variety of methods including advanced segmentation, industry benchmarks and competitive intelligence analysis.

Web Analytics Consultancy

Web analytics is still a very software-centric discipline, and too often becomes bogged down in murky technical jargon and long implementation projects. This erodes trust in data and prevents businesses from leveraging the benefits of web analytics: optimising return on investment and customer experience.

Our approach to web analytics has been designed to avoid these pitfalls, and is broken into a variety of core components:

Analytics Audits & Optimisation

QueryClick’s process of analytics auditing includes reviewing our client’s analytics implementation, checking against a predefined set of criteria, and highlighting any obvious issues with data collection and configuration. We understand that your business goals and needs are unique, so we also structure and optimise your Analytics platform to match your requirements.

Analytics Insights & Analysis

As digital marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated, data expands and decisions can become harder. Modern strategies encompass a variety of channels and methodologies. Customer behaviour involves multiple interactions across campaigns, websites, and devices. Understanding return on investment requires a clear view of this customer behaviour, combined with formalised KPIs and business-focused, actionable insight.

Web Analytics Consultancy helps to achieve this by ensuring solid data foundations and delivering analysis focused on driving change.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Getting analytics right helps you understand your customers better, and continually optimising your website and marketing campaigns builds visitor loyalty and improves ROI, helping your business stay ahead of the competition.

Web Analytics at QueryClick

Here at QueryClick we take accurate, informed analytics seriously, and every one of our search marketing specialists must undergo the Google Analytics certification exam (GAIQ). Our Analytics and Reporting Team work across a vast range of both technical and analysis projects, including:

  • Analytics configuration and setup
  • Debugging and troubleshooting data collection issues
  • Implementation documentation and guidance
  • Automated reporting and dashboard solutions
  • "Quick-win" analysis: small projects designed to deliver answers and optimisations in small time frames
  • Large scale statistical research and analysis for global enterprise

In order to make analytics data easier for both our experts and our clients to understand and gain insight from, we resist the temptation to skip the tedious parts and jump to the juicy analysis.

We aim to make analytics work optimally for everyone, which means ensuring every one of our clients' data is reliable and can be relied upon for analysis and reporting. As a result, we always prioritise long-term solutions and ensure that our analysis is built on solid data foundations.

The Web Analytics Team

Alan Hannah


Alan moved to QueryClick in August 2013 after spending two years working as a front-end developer for an accountancy firm in Aberdeen. In his role, Al...

David Fothergill

Head of Product Development & Insight

David is an experienced search marketer who heads up both our Product Development and Web Analytics teams. He has handled search marketing accounts fo...

Jamie Chalmers

Insight Analyst

Jamie is an experienced marketer who delivers data-evidenced analysis to optimise business process and performance. Prior to joining the team in Augus...


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