Paid Search Management (PPC)

Performance driven strategies focussed on ROI

Our PPC team put dynamic data analysis at the core of all Paid strategies, leveraging our unique-to-market data capability and in-house tools such as Halo Insights and Corvidae to demonstrate clear performance efficiency improvements to CPAs while building out new customer and audience growth across generic target terms.

£16.7 million paid search spend

In 2017, QueryClick managed £16.7 million of paid search generic spend at an average ROI of 12.72 - that is: excluding brand activity. This demonstrates our commitment to driving client growth effectively and efficiently and championing greater transparency in reporting to educate our clients on the performance available through best-in-class execution of digital marketing channels.

QueryClick's commitment to high levels of service quality and results underpins our technical expertise and innovation. Every account that our Paid specialists have analysed has demonstrated more than 7-figure growth opportunity and spend wastage for Paid budgets. We eliminate Paid spend cannibalisation by using unique cross-channel SERP behaviour data from our in-house tool, Halo, to synergise Paid and Organic search strategies. This data also allows us to identify generic growth opportunity where good searcher behaviour already exists for your brand.

At QueryClick, we understand the changeable nature of business objectives, and one of the key benefits of our PPC strategy is its agility and flexibility; our project management and transparent billable time system allows us to be proactive in supporting the areas that will have the biggest underlying performance impact for your business.

+19% paid revenue & -30% cost per booking

QC's Paid account team restructured Speed Dater's AdWords account to allow granular location targeting and generic segmentation at scale. Our approach drove a reduction in paid cost per booking of 30% & an increase in paid revenue of +19% month on month.

For example, when working across Cupid PLC's local dating brand, Speeddater, our insights team detected sustained rises in CPA with the in-house bid strategy. They then assessed the account structure while also evaluating the prevalence of mobile volume and location mismatching to the intent of city-related keyphrases. By solving these structural inconsistencies and readjusting bid priorities in line with Halo tool opportunity analysis, we achieved a 30% reduction in cost per booking, increasing the brand's revenue by 19%.

In that instance, dedicating valuable time to thorough analysis and using Paid management expertise to divert important resource away from repetitive, low-priority aspects enabled us to draw strategic insights to improve the client's bottom line.

+382% ROI and -59% CPA across 28 countries

A 28 country account review for Aggreko allowed QueryClick's Paid team to re-architect to prioritise generic growth and drive down inefficient spend dramatically. The account review drove a 59% reduction in CPA, improved conversion rates by 74% for paid traffic, and ultimately delivered a 382% increase in ROI for Aggreko.

Our clients also benefit from a holistic Paid management service where we actively manage overall online marketing spend across different channels and platforms. An example of this is re-allocating PPC budget to Programmatic audience-matched outreach where greater growth at lower CPAs become available or – if you prefer a more focused approach – targeting specific areas of structural optimisation through our exhaustive audit process. Using Paid Search in tandem with Programmatic, our specialists achieve greater overall ROI by leveraging attribution and cohort insight data from Corvidae, one of our in-house tools, to lookalike match and return generic visitors through brand on Paid or Organic at a fraction of existing CPAs.

At QueryClick, we firmly believe in taking a more consultative approach than traditional PPC agencies: our Paid account specialists work on-site as an extension of your team to enhance strategy, identify performance opportunities, or upskill and expand the influence of Paid search as a marketing channel within your business.

+212% PPC revenue and +24% conversion improvement

QueryClick enabled contextual bid automation using Sternidae to allow agile bid adjustment when rain ocurred in locations across the UK & US. Increased relevance for Hunter Wellies allowed 27% improvement in conversion rates during precipitation and increased paid revenues by 212%

PPC Strategy & Multi-Channel Management

Following our data-led approach, your account team begin with an audit of your existing Paid activity within the context of your larger online marketing spend. This forms the basis of the overall strategy and works in collaboration with other channels, such as your SEO campaign. Data sharing across different search channels ensures that you not only receive the most efficient strategy, but also one that utilises actionable insights from a complementary channel and unifies your customer targeting approach for greater overall ROI.

Building an understanding of your industry or vertical market and how this relates to your offline marketing strategy is key to identify gaps and opportunities within your current Paid activity. We understand that all businesses are different, even within the same industry or vertical market, and as such each requires a bespoke strategy. Your account team work closely with you to define an individual PPC channel strategy within a larger multi-channel spend strategy that's based on objectives and initiatives aimed at achieving targets that are defined and measured against your business KPIs.

Through extensive keyword research, campaign re-architecture, ad copy creation and analysis alongside dynamic, agile reporting, we keep you fully apprised of results, tasks, insights and issues - ensuring that focusing on and progressing towards your targets is the driving force behind daily account management.

+£3.1m revenue at 1,584 ROAS

During Black Friday 2017, QueryClick delivered paid search returns of £3.1m revenue at 1,584 ROAS for a UK High Street retailer, driving down their cost of sale from an average of 25% to 5.94%, ultimately reducing the spend required to drive this exceptional one-weekend sale performance to £187k.

Innovation & Automation

Our experts leverage a suite of unique-to-market tools with a proven track record for immediate performance impact – Halo and Corvidae in particular – that allows us to extract and analyse data from various sources, resulting in actionable insights across multiple search channels and affording a better understanding of the relationship between them. For example, our Paid team use Corvidae to build a true LTV calculation, enabling bid optimisation to higher CPA targets that remain profitable to strategically outbid competitors for new, high value customers.

+265% ROI, +27% conversion & run out of beer!

Beerhawk worked with QueryClick across a multichannel campaign which used an integrated customer-path bid strategy across SEO & PPC that ultimately drove ROI up by 265% and sold them entierly out of beer!

Efficiency is an increasingly important factor in the success of any Paid activity; utilising the latest innovation, our technical Programmatic and PPC specialists automate basic account management tasks, ensuring that any changes in the account are led by data analysis.

By deploying agile account management automation using SearchLens and Sternidae to lock in dynamic campaign structure and bid strategies for example, we free up your account manager to focus on improving overall strategy, find new performance insights and build on the human intent and intangibles that return maximum ROI from your ad copy. This account management automation also eliminates budget wastage on 'algorithm training' of in-house or third party bid management tools.

Our preferred partner DMPs, Avocet and DoubleClick, allows us to leverage unique metrics such as 'viewable post view' to facilitate best-in-class performance and greater overall CPA performance control. Unlike other agencies, we don't prop up poor generic performance with increasingly cannibalistic brand volume bidding. Instead, we incorporate Brand impact across Paid & Organic in success reporting using our Halo tool which prevents CPA Brand dependency and growth stagnation.

Our team of specialists eliminate performance weaknesses and identify new bid opportunities by working closely with other channel experts within QueryClick.

For example, when working to drive mobile site performance improvements for Envirofone, we channelled mobile search traffic to land on a mobile-optimised page supported by our Conversion Optimisation team. The next step was to refine keyphrase bid targeting and build out mobile extension optimisation, improving the relevancy of the traffic landing on the site and reducing the CPC. As a result, conversion rates improved by 13% and Paid mobile traffic delivered 16% higher revenue while continuing to target new growth generic terms.

Our innovation and creativity is driven by qualified, actionable data that enables our team to make decisions based on fact rather than opinion. As a result, we have a track record of providing the strategic insight needed to improve performance, and we understand that long-term success is built on getting the basics of account management right.

+34% Paid Revenue at -26% Spend

QueryClick's account restructuring to better target generic growth, agile bid management and dynamic reporting allowed M&Co to benefit from a growth in Paid revenue of 34 percent while simultaniously reducing spend by 26 percent.

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