Programmatic (Performance Display)

Our programmatic marketing strategies capture genuinely new customers and/or grow your digital visibility, rather than employing remarketing-only bid strategies

Some 82.5% of digital display ads will be bought via automated channels in 2018, amounting to over $46bn being spent on programmatic advertising. That’s $10bn more than in 2017, and that’s in the US alone.

At those levels of investment, it’s easy for wasted spending to assume huge proportions very quickly - so we employ multiple strategies to protect customers and reduce campaign costs without impacting results:

  • we lower campaign costs compared with other providers by 40-70%, using viewable post view bid criteria to ensure you pay only for ads that are actually seen. This also avoids ‘cookie bombing’ in prospecting campaigns
  • we build in anti-fraud techniques, reducing campaign costs by up to 45% compared with other platforms such as AppNexus

Our customer-led attribution model also eliminates the issue of post-view attribution for the channel, by ensuring that ads only seen post-conversion are discounted as a contributing channel.

For further accountability, QueryClick’s fees for programmatic campaigns are de-coupled from your ad spend, and we also work to performance-tied contracts as standard.

QueryClick’s DSP technology partners are Avocet and DoubleClick. Delivering ad creative using our preferred DMP Cablato also means best-in-class ad delivery speed, personalisation, and impact.


Hunter Boots: QC enabled automated contextual bid adjustment when rain occurred in locations across the UK & US. The impact of ads with increased relevance was a 27% improvement in conversion rates during rain and increased paid revenues by 212%.

UK credit card company: QC reduced CPA by £50, by capturing customers through programmatic earlier in the buying cycle so they could be bought via Paid Search on cheaper brand terms. The strategy drove up brand search terms by 3x, delivering a highly successful customer path to conversion.

Major UK fashion retailer: QC’s integrated paid and organic strategy identified an opportunity to move customer targeting to earlier in the conversion journey, by leveraging programmatic advertising in tandem with complimentary messages on paid search and social channels. We saved the client £1.1 million per year and reduced the cost of sale by 12%, building generic growth by 169%, ultimately driving £35.3 million in the UK in cross channel revenues.

European consumer electronics group: QC cut CPA by 87% and brought the profit margin up to an average of 72% for this customer’s digital channels. This was achieved by dis-intermediating the DMP adtech from its agency-owned stack.

UK credit card company: QC achieved a new-customer CPA of below £50 by sharing cohort data with its PPC campaign. This allowed efficient lookalike prospecting, triggering a 3x uptick in brand search volume where the programmatic ads had been seen.

European fashion brand: QC replaced an under-performing growth strategy with a reduction to a Europe-wide CPA of $56, delivering a 93% ROAS, excluding remarketing activity.

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