Programmatic Advertising

Target creative to high LTV cohorts and maximise efficient growth

Programmatic buying now accounts for 72% of display ad spend, representing $22bn a year in the US alone. Demand Side Platforms enable display spend in this market, and QueryClick's technology partners, Avocet and DoubleClick, are at the cutting edge. What's more, we don't tie our fee to your marketing spend and we offer performance-tied contracts as standard to ensure we align to and drive your underlying business performance.

Using 'viewable post view' bid criteria, QueryClick's bid strategy apporoach means you only pay for ads that are actually seen, reducing campaign cost on other providers by anywhere between 40-70%. This also avoids 'Cookie Bombing' in prospecting campaigns, where the cheapest cookie can saturate and claim responsibility for influencing conversion even when the advert has not been seen.

Campaign costs are further decreased by built-in anti-fraud, which additionally reduces campaign cost from other platforms such as Appnexus by up to +45%.

In addition to significant cost reduction, QC's Programmatic team remove the issue of post-view attribution for the channel by using our customer-led attribution model to ensure that ads seen post-conversion do not get counted as a contributing channel. This strategy allows effective outreach strategies to capture genuinely new customers and grow your digital visibility, instead of falling back on remarketing-only bid strategies (targeting only people who have already visited your website - a cohort with much higher than average conversion, and therfore CPA traits) which typically signal a poorly-optimised programmatic adtech stack and strategy.

-£50 CPA UK Credit Card Leads

Migrating programmatic activity allowed a UK Credit Card company to reduce its CPA by £50. Working to a See-Think-Do-Care framework for new customer acquisition and tracking attribution accurately allowed programmatic to capture customers earlier in the buying cycle, meaning they could be bought via Paid Search on cheaper brand terms instead of costly genrics. This strategy drove up brand search terms 3x, delivering a highly successful customer path to conversion.

QueryClick also partner with multi-award winning creatives to deliver HTML5 ad creative that meets iAB v2.0 advertising standards and allows dynamic multivariate CTA testing and improvement for the duration of the creative's campaign timeline. Delivering ad creative using our preferred DMP Cablato means best-in-class ad delivery speed, personalisation, and impact.

-12% Cost of Sale saving £1.1 million p.a.

QueryClick's integrated Paid and Organic strategy identified an opportunity to move customer targeting for a major UK High Street retailer to earlier in the customer conversion journey leveraging Programmatic advertising in tandem with complimentary messages on Paid search and Social channels.

This use of holistic 'See Think Do Care' customer conversion trageting allowed us to save £1.1 million per year and reduce cost of sale by 12%, building generic growth by 169%, ultimately driving £35.3 million in the UK in cross channel revenues.

QueryClick also champion disruption in the programmatic space, our paper on AdFraud demonstates our commitment to implementing and supporting a transparent adtech stack that disintermediates agencies from the ad-buy transaction, forcing openness and clarity into the programmatic space. This disruptive stance is in direct opposition to members of the big five marketing agencies who rely on inserting themselves into the ad purchase ecosystem for profits and have been found to be acting against the best interests of their client in many cases by the ANA, and QueryClick's own study was informed by the UK picture appearing to be much the same or worse for advertisers. QueryClick champion the use of advertiser-owned PMP (Private Marketplace) accounts - for example using the industry-leading Rubicon Project for PMP management, integrating via API to Avocet or Doubleclick for 100% adtech transparency and independance.

This stace not only promotes transparency to the benefit of the advertiser rather than the agency, but also enables effective identification of performance, allowing QueryClick to show evidence of performance and justify its place in the programmatic space as expert authority and performance driving stakeholders. We also ensure the Ads.txt framework from the IAB is implemented on all accounts with auto-refunding to prevent the display of adverts against non-brand friendly content, effectively locking down the brand experience encountered by customers while also further improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Programmatic channel.

Integrated Tool Suite & Multichannel Strategy

Integrating live bid management with SearchLens and Corvidae allows the creation of an adtech stack that facilitates multichannel new-customer-acquisition strategies and CPAs at a vastly reduced rate to silo-view campaigns. A major European consumer goods business benefitted from this approach, reporting CPAs at 1/8th of their original cost, leaving a 72% profit margin in a competitive market for growth.

1/8th CPA Driving 72% Profit Margin

Disintermediating the DMP AdTech from agency-owned stack allowed a European Consumer Electronics group to cut CPAs by 7/8ths bringing the profit margin up to average 72% for their digital channels.

Another in-house tool, Sternidae, also enables API trigger automation with Avocet and Doubleclick's own APIs to allow contextual information to influence Programmatic creative and bid approach.

Built in cross-device tracking and audience de-duping from Screen6 service integration further supports multichannel new customer optimisation across competitive intelligence and customer cohort forecasting, all integrated with SearchLens and Corvidae insights.

A UK credit card company achieved sub-£50 new-customer CPAs by sharing cohort data with their PPC campaign, allowing efficient lookalike prospecting which triggered a 3x uptick in brand search volume where the programmatic ads had been seen.

+212% PPC revenue and +24% conversion improvement

QueryClick enabled contextual bid automation using Sternidae to allow agile bid adjustment when rain ocurred in locations across the UK & US. Increased relevance for Hunter Wellies allowed 27% improvement in conversion rates during precipitation and increased paid revenues by 212%

Transparent Service & Reporting

Real time, transparent performance reporting feedback from QueryClick's Weaverbird reporting platform is possible thanks to a next-generation machine learning & algorithm driven approach, and supports QueryClick's commitment to absolute client transparency. Unlike most DSPs, there are no rooms full of people bulk booking the media buys, removing your targeting precision - and the value of Programmatic - and making agency margin from your adspend. Simply put, we are 100% transparent with your spend, and compete based on growth perfomance with contractual components aligned to your business objectives.

As a challenger agency operating in direct opposition to the big five agencies – who operate significant profit margins on publisher deals and lock in usage of their inhouse DSPs which obscures this activity – QueryClick are committed to clarity of service, and as such also offer self-service options that allow you to fully control your own spend internally while taking advantage of a data platform enabling efficient growth strategies.

$56 CPA delivering 93% ROAS Prospecting

Underperforming growth strategy was replaced with a reduction to a $56 CPA Europe-wide for a Fashion Brand delivering a 93% ROAS excluding remarketing activity.

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