Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Unbeatable ROI performance within integrated cross-channel framework to maximise customer growth.

Built on our agile tool suite, QueryClick's data-led approach to search engine optimisation, enables our project management team to drive your campaign performance quickly and efficiently. Typically operating within a wider multichannel strategy, our campaigns integrate enriched audience data into long-tail keyphrase targeting strategies; enabling you to capture new customers with higher average order and lifetime value at an accelerated rate.

+53% Organic revenue

M&Co's multichannel strategy from QueryClick drove an increase in organic revenue of 53% in 2017, ultimately as a result of a 138% increase in first page rankings for target generic keyphrases. This content-led strategy performance also benefitted Paid search, allowing improved landing page content to contribute to a 34% increase in paid revenue while reducing spend by 26%.

Integrating into your team by working both on-site and consultatively to remove barriers to change, our strategists deploy core service support from our wider team to facilitate the development of an effective technical SEO platform on which your inbound and content strategies can be built. Technical barriers to conversion such as canonicalisation and mobile TTFB performance are framed within a business-case-led issue prioritisation approach, supplying the business rationale for change along with the toolkit to fix your biggest tech stack challenges.

Our strategies operate efficiently with high-volume websites and large brands with significant technical legacy and looking to change their agency relationship to enable best-in-class platform deployment and integration with a custom, high-end MarTech stack. EE, a client of nine years, achieved a revenue uplift of +£65 million from their Organic channel year on year after working through their high-profile merger of T-Mobile and Orange UK with QueryClick's support. Leading the technical SEO deployment and migration specification for EE alongside our key stakeholders, Google described our work as "...the best managed, most thorough and successful large scale migration in the UK to date" (2015).

Our approach drives measurable improvements in revenue and profit from Organic search, and each strategy is custom tailored to match increased ROI with high new cross-channel customer growth for our clients.

We work with our clients on a transparent rate card system which allows complete flexibility over team utilisation each month. This translates into highly agile strategies that remove your biggest obstacles to performance while working towards a higher-framework target that maps to your internal growth objectives and product margin thresholds.

There are common components to all strategies that guarantee a stable technical SEO platform, target engaged and high value audiences for outreach, and ensure new customer conversion is optimised.

SEO Audits & Technical Strategy

All QueryClick clients undergo an initial technical SEO review, which incorporates a standalone audit alongside a wider 'issue impact assessment' that prioritises actions in terms of complexity and their calculated impact on performance if resolved.

This approach to business-case-led technical SEO, combined with our on-site deployment to work with your technical teams directly, engages your business with the ROI case for change. This approach allows us to unlock years-old technical change stagnation that we regularly encounter with new clients.

+£65.2m YoY Incremental Organic Revenue '14/'15

T-Mobile (now EE) have worked with QueryClick since 2009. In that time they have increased their spend with QueryClick by +387%, expanding their work with us to embed on-site with their account team and drive a more integrated strategy with their other agencies.

Over the course of 2014/2015, QueryClick managed the merger of T-Mobile and Orange UK onto the EE platform, driving a year-on-year increase in Organic revenue of £65.2 million from drastically improved rankings on conclusion of the migration.

In our experience, even the most well-built site can reveal SEO opportunities once audited by our team. Our in-depth knowledge of major search engines' algorithms and their updates enables us to identify and prioritise changes that may have been less historically significant.

For example, mobile performance optimisation has become increasingly paramount and the underlying infrastructure for high-volume enterprise sites can often be seen as an obstacle to achieving targets such as Google's requirement for mobile 3G performance to be faster than one second for the initial viewport frame-paint. Fortunately, our specialist team have over a decade of experience solving similar issues and are able to cut through the FUD and effect real change on your behalf.

Building upon our initial audit, we run quarterly updates and append high priority actions to your wider campaign objectives and forecast performance. By integrating a focused SEO agenda throughout the campaign, technical performance supports the wider strategy and underpins the ability of SEO to deliver the highest rates of ROI of any channel.

87:1 ROI in 1st Year

Within six months of implementing a custom 28-country multinational SEO strategy for Aggreko, QueryClick delivered a 73:1 ROI for incremental Organic performance, rising to 87:1 for the full 12 months year on year. We continue to support Aggreko across SEO & PPC globally today.

We monitor and protect improvements to efficiency by deploying our performance monitoring tool suite.

Data-Led Inbound Marketing & Outreach

Businesses operating content-led inbound strategies often discover that SEO activity fails to return results or even get off the ground due to internal sign-off issues with complex, hard to quantify projects that aren't tightly related to performance improvements for target keyphrase terms.

At QueryClick, we have always worked to understand the opportunity and likelihood of success of an inbound project before any creative work is proposed at all.

As a result of this focus, we developed an internal tool – SwiftLink – which can determine an audience's 'Tendency to Link' which, combined with the more common 'Tendency to Share' metric available through third-party tools such as True Social Metrics and Buzzsumo, allows us to match highly tailored audiences to inbound projects and target keyphrases from the very start of the inbound process.

Swiftlink operates by accepting a keyphrase or set of keyphrases, which are then used to aggregate backlink, content, and social data associated with the terms. This then enables objective assessment of the audience's suitability for targeting with inbound projects and an understanding of the type of content that has been successful with that audience in the past.

+£19.5m YoY Incremental Organic Revenue '15/'16

Within the first six months of becoming a QueryClick client, a UK retailer benefitted from a +21% increase in #1 rankings for the top 200 margin products, driving an additional £19.5 million Organic revenue year on year. They also remain a client today, having increased their budget by 189%.

Key influencers are also highlighted, and a content communication plan is then devised for the outreach planner, and utilised with the final content project.

By segmenting the underlying success data from individual content ideas, our approach merges seamlessly with internal teams or third party PR agency activity, allowing QueryClick to complement PR strategies and work alongside complex internal ownership challenges.

Providing context to your inbound state of play allows clear, measurable targets to be set and integrated with a wider set of SMART objectives driving your SEO campaign performance and your business bottom line.

We audit your backlinks to establish competitive intelligence priorities for managing backlink profile penalty risk, maintaining and developing your backlink profile, and integrating inbound projects with content and outbound initiatives. These develop and promote your content to gain highly relevant links from a diverse range of authoritative domains via valuable and engaged audiences.

+£6.7m Organic Revenue first 6 months

As a result of our initial SEO strategy insights, F&F received a 75% increase in Organic traffic for target kids clothing terms, delivering just over £6.7 million in Organic revenue year on year for their first six months with QueryClick.

Data-Driven Content Marketing, Project Management & Training

Our data-led approach extends into our content strategies which are a component of an always-on SEO strategy that delivers maximum ROI and is uniquely tailored to your business objectives.

When conducting an initial content audit of your site, our team leverage SearchLens' SERP engagement insight analysis alongside 'Halo' and 'Stem' insights to calculate the revenue impact of poor SERP CTRs on your Organic traffic.

We quantify the overarching trends in your keyphrase performance data, and provide competitive intelligence to understand which competitors are pressurising your highest value categories, products or sales strategies in the SERPs (for example, if 'sale' or 'buy' terms cross-category are failing).

+99% increase in Organic generic traffic YoY

Hunter Boots benefitted from a 99% incremental increase in generic Organic traffic year on year during their first 12 months of working with QueryClick, representing over 85% of new customers to the business from digital channels - principally Paid, Organic & Social that year.

Agile manual task automation with Sternidae means our team prioritise providing actionable insight, adjusting strategy and working with your business to realise more value from our activity.

We use best-in class third party project management tools to map all our work to our agreed objectives transparently, integrate external teams client-side into planning and engage with you on-site to train and push your campaign forward, removing the friction from applying deep change in your enterprise-level digital marketing strategy.

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