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Share the right message at the right time in your customer journey while driving SEO

Search engines seek to reward good searcher experiences. In SEO this is expressed through content relevancy to the search term, the click-through rate from the SERP for your result compared with the typical CTR for your ranking position, and the speed of content delivery and lack of SERP bounce for searchers once they have clicked through to your site.

A core element of our enterprise-level search marketing campaigns, we are focused on providing bespoke, data-led content strategies which deliver maximum return on investment for our clients. Our tailored content strategies acknowledge Google's preferential treatment of sites that reward their searchers' experience, and are informed by unique-to-market data from our agile toolkit.

Our results speak for themselves, and our client success stories reflect the overwhelming success our strategies have delivered. Toys R Us benefitted from an increase of £19.5 million in Organic incremental year-on-year revenue within the first six months of working with QueryClick, and have increased their SEO marketing budget with us by 189% since first engaging with us in May 2013.

Every client strategy we build is unique, but all share a robust, high growth impact framework that means we can start changing your content's performance from day one.

Data-Gaps & Understanding Potential

No piece of content online exists in isolation, and success is easily measured in terms of impact on traffic, backlink contribution to the domain, engagement, shares, comments and permanence. At the outset of your campaign, all existing site content is benchmarked against these criteria and put into context by using competitive intelligence from SearchLens and SwiftLink audience insights.

This understanding allows us to build a tailored strategy which institutes a programme of content creation that is targeted around filling keyphrase gaps within the SERPs, matching content topics to relevant high-share audiences and integrating content-led projects with outreach built on audience tendency to share. Content is published to a freshness and refresh schedule that identifies where competitor content freshness is lacking and where time relevancy is a high correlation factor in rank visibility.

+100% Organic traffic from 20% increase in rankings

After our initial content audit, Temperley London benefitted from a 20% increase in Organic rankings, and a reduction in first-touch landing page bounce rate by 95%. This resulted in a 100% improvement in Organic revenue year on year through improved generic SERP rankings.

Market Intelligence & Audience Analysis

When onboarding new clients, our aim is to understand their existing strategic objectives and marketplace challenges. While working on-site with your team, our content specialists gather as much insight as possible to identify your KPIs for published content, historic successes and the existing understanding of engaged audience profiles.

Our content and outreach planning is framed within both Micro-Moment and See Think Do Care content architectures to map content to higher customer thinking and better understand engagement with customers across multiple touchpoints in a 'first-touch' conversion cycle.

A first-touch conversion path is the multi-channel touch path followed by a new customer before their first ever conversion.

First-touch customers are highly valuable targets as their conversion rates are much lower than brand saturated volumes. As your SEO strategy drives more new customers onsite, your content needs to work harder to better engage and convert that audience.

In our initial audit we investigate your content architecture, as verifying its suitability for a mobile-first visibility assessment is crucial to integrate your content production plan with your highest volume customer platform.

The audit involves an in-depth review of your website, augmented by Analytics data, identifying issues such as thin or outdated pages, sub-optimal meta data, duplicate content or poor visuals.

Issues are assigned a priority based on business impact and expected lifetime value and actions which ease the consumption of content for large, currently disengaged audiences on a dominant platform are prioritised.

In our experience, content SEO – more than any other discipline – can deliver transformational change for our clients as part of our integrated strategy.

+£19.5m YoY Incremental Organic Revenue '15/'16

Within the first six months of becoming a QueryClick client, a UK retailer benefitted from a +21% increase in #1 rankings for the top 200 margin products, driving an additional £19.5 million Organic revenue year on year. They also remain a client today, having increased their budget by 189%.

Delivering Bespoke Content Marketing

All content strategies are unique, and the following represent the pillars on which custom content plans are built.

Data-led reporting and analysis

QueryClick content strategies are geared towards delivering improved page value which is a custom metric used to apportion contribution to revenue across all site touchpoints through an attributed buying cycle. This means content is geared to improve commercial performance as much as search visibility.

In-house team training & upskilling

In addition to working consultatively on-site as an extension of your online marketing team, we provide on-site content training in the fundamentals of SEO best practice; this includes everything from keyword research to optimising on-page elements and mapping key queries to the page.

We run a six to twelve-month course client-side designed to raise content consideration expertise across the relevant parts of your business and better support the dynamic content strategy objectives set in agreement with your core strategy team.

Audience-led creative campaigns

Working on integrated strategies with our inbound marketing team, we minimise the promotion risk attached to creative campaigns by performing in-depth audience analysis to pre-qualify content ideas based on their probability for success via shareability and linkability metrics.

As a result, we build first-class content targeted to high-link-tendency audiences, that also fills important keyphrase gaps in your current Organic strategy and drives overall SEO performance.

+£6.7m Organic Revenue first 6 months

As a result of our initial SEO strategy insights, F&F received a 75% increase in Organic traffic for target kids clothing terms, delivering just over £6.7 million in Organic revenue year on year for their first six months with QueryClick.

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