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Content Strategy

Search engines have always been focused on providing the best possible user experience, yet whether browsing on tablet, mobile or desktop, one thing that remains crucial to user experience is content.

As a core element of our search marketing campaign, we are focused on providing bespoke, data-led content strategies which aim to deliver maximum return on investment for our clients. Using custom-built, innovative tools and reports, we use data to pre-qualify and inform all of the content decisions that we make.

Content Marketing at QueryClick

At QueryClick, a content strategy is never a one-off solution but a continual process of improvement that evolves in line with the company implementing it. Our content strategy can generally be broken down into a six-step process:

1. Client Feedback & Audience Analysis

Sitting down with one of our content specialists, our aim is to gather as much insight as we can from you to feed into our content strategy. We’ll ask questions like: What are your KPIs for published content? What has worked well in the past? Do you have defined audience profiles?

2. Content Audit

Our content audit involves an in-depth hand-review of your website coupled with analytics data to identify any content issues that are likely to be impairing your performance; be that anything from thin or outdated pages to sub-optimal meta data, duplicate content, or poor visuals.

3. Content Strategy

Each of the issues identified as part of the audit above is then assigned a priority level and it is these priorities that guide the direction of the content strategy to be implemented in collaboration with your team.

4. Benchmarking Content Performance

Our content team perform a bespoke benchmark audit during the strategy phase, looking at everything from page views to bounce and exit rates; that way, we can monitor performance throughout the campaign and report back on success.

5. Strategy Implementation

With the content auditing, strategising and benchmarking complete, we then set about implementing the priority recommendations outlined in our strategy document, from the highest priority to the lowest.

6. Monitoring Content Performance

To demonstrate that what we are doing is driving return on your campaign, we monitor content performance in your analytics platform, and report back on success looking at key engagement metrics such as visits, conversions, bounce and exit rates, backlinks, and social shares.

Bespoke Content Marketing

Data-led reporting and analysis

At QueryClick, we place a great deal of emphasis on developing innovative tools and reports that help us to provide our clients with valuable content insights and analysis; insights that they don’t get anywhere else.

Upskilling in-house teams with content training

Acting as an extension of your online marketing team, we provide on-site content training in the fundamentals of SEO best practice; this includes everything from keyword research to optimising on-page elements and applying keywords to the page.

Audience-led creative campaigns

Working very closely with our Inbound Marketing team, we aim to minimise risk attached to creative campaigns by performing in-depth audience analysis to pre-qualify content ideas and make a strong business case for internal sign-off.

How Can Our Content Strategy Help Your Business?

QueryClick content strategies are geared to delivering improved page value which is a custom metric used to apportion contribution to revenue across all site touchpoints through an attributed buying cycle. This means content is geared to improve commercial performance as much as search visibility.

The Content Team

Jennifer Gray


Graduating from The University of Edinburgh in 2014 with an MSc in Creative Writing, Jennifer brings a wealth of writing and editing experience to her...

Jenny Scouler


With a degree in Digital Journalism from the University of Strathclyde, Jenny joined QueryClick as a Copywriter in May 2016. She brings with her a str...

Alistair Wollaston

Digital Content Executive

After graduating in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University, Alistair began working at QueryClick as a Copywriter in early 2015 before moving up int...

Lisa Jamison

Senior Digital Content Manager

Lisa is an experienced Digital Content Manager with a background in translation, copywriting and content management. Prior to joining QueryClick in 20...

Melanie Orr


Melanie joined QueryClick as a Copywriter in mid-2016 after graduating in Interpreting and Translating (French & Spanish) from Heriot-Watt University....

Lauren McKay

Digital Content Manager

As a Digital Content Manager at QueryClick, Lauren is responsible for overseeing the content strategies across some of our largest accounts including ...

Donna Kean

Digital Content Executive

Building upon the knowledge gained in her undergraduate degree in English, Journalism and Creative Writing, Donna embarked on a Masters in Publishing ...


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