Data-Led Inbound Marketing & Strategy

Define the SEO success of your content marketing before developing creative

A common frustration felt by businesses operating content-led inbound strategies, is discovering that content-led activity often fails to return results or even get off the ground due to internal sign-off issues with complex, hard to quantify projects that aren't tightly related to performance improvements for any particular target keyphrase terms.

At QueryClick we have always worked to understand the opportunity and likelihood of success of an inbound project before any creative work is proposed at all – saving time and direct costs that your agency would typically incur developing strategies on your behalf.

As a result of this focus, our R&D department developed SwiftLink, which can determine an audience's 'Tendency to Link' and – when combined with the more common 'Tendency to Share' metric available through third-party tools – allows for highly tailored audiences to be matched to inbound projects and target keyphrases from the very start of the inbound process.

The latest correlation studies by Moz, eConsultancy, and Hubspot in partnership with Ahrefs show definitively that links play a dominant role in Google's algorithm, particularly the authority of the linking domain and the diversity of domains linking to the ranking site. However, both these aspects of content marketing are proven to be either poorly reported or non-existent in the Hubspot study.

At QueryClick, we use unique-to-market data to match audiences with a high tendency to link to content projects before their proposal, and develop outreach frameworks that are fast to create and extremely efficient.

Building Solid Foundations: Link Hygene & Performance

At the beginning of any SEO campaign, our inbound team assess your current backlink profile to identify the existing risk rate. This is a measure of the proportion of poor neighbourhood (or high volume, low-diversity) link rates to high authority, wide-diversity links in your profile.

We then build a risk management and growth-priority map that outlines immediate actions that minimise risk and maximise immediate ranking improvements, as we did when supporting the merger of Orange and T-Mobile into UK mobile network operator, EE.

Our approach managed the risk of migrating Orange's high volume, low-quality profile into T-Mobile's smaller but higher quality link profile and high-end technical platform, while also supervising their integration into a brand-new domain. We also led the management of a further migration from the first EE site to the current domain.

As a result, the complete project consisted of a double migration to two brand-new domains over two years for a site handling a combined 8 million registered customers and the associated traffic volumes.

+£65.2m YoY Incremental Organic Revenue '14/'15

T-Mobile (now EE) have worked with QueryClick since 2009. In that time they have increased their spend with QueryClick by +387%, expanding their work with us to embed on-site with their account team and drive a more integrated strategy with their other agencies.

Over the course of 2014/2015, QueryClick managed the merger of T-Mobile and Orange UK onto the EE platform, driving a year-on-year increase in Organic revenue of £65.2 million from drastically improved rankings on conclusion of the migration.

Building & Managing Fast Growth Inbound Strategies

We use data to determine your backlink profile's strengths and gaps, as well as to set realistic SMART objectives in line with your industry trends to achieve immediate growth through a blend of long-term inbound project strategy and quick-wins.

Creating a truly high-quality backlink portfolio takes time, but it is possible to rapidly develop and improve the health of your links as part of an inbound strategy that targets both short-term improvements and long-term excellence. Our white-hat inbound experts utilise their knowledge to build relevant quick-win links from authoritative platforms without having to change or create content onsite, and operate on your behalf for labour intensive activity that drives significant performance improvement with little lead time.

Using a blend of our own in-house and industry tools, we then map your strategy into a comprehensive project management tool, build a daily planner for the first three months of your campaign and monitor performance. We also identify further quick-win opportunities, and regularly report on the success of these SMART objectives using fusion mapping and competitive intelligence to track performance against benchmark and targets.

Alongside this process, we build data-led content and inbound projects to support the wider strategy tailored to work alongside your social, content, and PR strategy. We leverage our in-house tool, SwiftLink, to find audiences with a high tendency to link and large social-activity volumes, as well as other targetable influencers.

When operating a wider multichannel strategy, we also utilise the power of machine learning and Corvidae to rebuild target audiences in line with high-lifetime-value customers, ensuring your inbound strategy isn't just aligned with your marketing collateral and messaging but is also reaching customers and providing a bigger impact on your bottom line.

+£1.35m organic revenue YOY & +20% position one rankings

QueryClick drove a £1.35 million improvement in Organic revenue year on year and a 20% uplift in tracked #1 position rankings after implementing an initial backlink penalty removal audit and quick-win recapture strategy.

Digital PR & Inbound Effectiveness

We focus our efforts on creating high-quality backlink profiles via ethical link-building techniques and adding measurable ranking value to our clients' websites. In the process, our outreach also enhances your digital PR strategy, bringing best in class third-party tools to the table to influence your wider PR strategy.

Our inbound team use cross-media analysis to determine share of voice, alongside competitive intelligence through Meltwater Media Intelligence to monitor, analyse, distribute and engage digital audiences as part of our standard outreach process. Powerful benchmarking, campaign auditing and success-management tools are available within the Meltwater suite, allowing our inbound managers to build a solid digital PR strategy that enhances your offline PR approach and mobilises digital content production in line with your wider public conversation engagement plan.

Gaining meaningful links from high-value news publications requires embedded PR experts as part of your inbound strategy team, an approach that allows QueryClick to drive real brand change alongside SEO performance increases.

+45% Organic revenue YOY in first month

Envirofone benefitted from a +45% increase in Organic revenue year on year in the first month of commencing work with QueryClick post-penalty removal. This was followed by a further +30% increase in the second month.

As well as developing digital PR strategies, Meltwater offers:

  • Centralised inbound and wider media distribution management, alongside C-Suite reporting
  • Newsfeed API integration (available for further customisation using Sternidae)
  • Targeted NewsWire content management and scheduling
  • Enterprise-grade custom 'Pulse' reporting
  • Influencer drill-down engagement, interaction measurement and management to pre-scheduled content plans

Our team also supplement Meltwater data and functionality with Gorkana Media Intelligence.

Gorkana facilitates ease-of-influencer targeting with personalised collateral to support long-term outreach goals. Topic filtering allows us to focus media monitoring on only relevant, wide-reaching conversations during the research phase of your digital PR strategy. Social and media-listening analysis is integrated into Gorkana's workflow, enabling robust PR crisis management support.

PR crisis management is also embedded in our team's planning, as an agile crisis management strategy is essential for running highly successful digital PR campaigns in a socially-enabled world. Backing up the strategy with robust alerting and direct, enhanced and personalised access to a wide range of PR professionals provides a secure, de-risked engagement with global media outlets.

Frameworks for Success, Benchmarking & Competitive Intelligence

Our inbound team integrate their activity with content and social projects by working within shared frameworks for content and outreach performance analysis. The core frameworks utilised are Google's Micro-Moments and Avinash Kaushik's See Think Do Framework. Binding these together allows for objective analysis of competitor performance across their content and social strategy with a shared language and shared KPIs.

In addition, by enriching these frameworks with competitive Organic performance data from SearchLens, SERP-engagement insights across multiple channels from Halo, and audience cohort data from Corvidae, we align sentiment and engagement analysis with driven bottom line traffic and revenue performance.

+£95k per month social revenue & SEO

S1 group benefitted from an additional +£95k pcm six months after launching their 'Women in Engineering' social outreach project with QueryClick, which drove improved Organic rankings using Stem and SearchLens target matching to identify ranking gap opportunities.

Reporting Success & Customised C-Suite Growth Hacking

Our customer-led reporting leverages unique customer-lifetime-value data and cohort insights to ultimately relate individual inbound projects to their influence on revenue growth targets further down the customer lifecycle.

We provide detailed, automated and customisable link tracking, authority development, and strategic matching of campaigns to target keyphrases. Rank-change alerting then enables us to embed pro-active ranking management, risk management and disaster-recovery planning into your reporting suite and activity.

We also use growth-hack reporting styles to provide a high-level campaign performance view to the C-Suite, reassuring the wider business stakeholders that a robust, high-performance inbound strategy is feeding directly into a target-cohort growth and profit-protection strategy.

To provide our clients with the most transparent overview of our results, we monitor all our inbound marketing activities and communicate our performance formally on a monthly and quarterly basis, as well as offering bespoke reporting on the success of individual campaigns. The success of a project is described using measurable data that's relevant to your KPIs, and delivered in a format that's tailored to your needs.

+31k social links via SwiftLink

Our Tesco RealFood campaign team leveraged the power of SwiftLink to immediately drive +31k links after we identified targeted social influencers with high tendency-to-link attributes.

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