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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is an essential part of SEO, and latest studies have shown that external links remain the biggest search ranking factor contained within Google’s algorithm.

However, not all links are equal in the eyes of search engines, which assign higher value to external links coming from relevant high-profile websites, so at QueryClick we have developed a data-led approach to inbound marketing that uses unique insights to improve and diversify your backlink portfolio.

At QueryClick we use data to identify high-quality link opportunities, and we have a track record of success in driving site traffic and improving search rankings. We compliment this approach by working in close collaboration with our social media and the content departments in order create content campaigns and promotional strategies that build links, encourage social media interaction, drive traffic and appeal directly to a client’s target audience.

Inbound Marketing at QueryClick

From backlink profile analysis and penalty removal to content promotion, QueryClick’s inbound marketing strategies have been built to tackle every crucial area of SEO link building. We focus our effort on building high-quality backlink profiles via ethical link building techniques, and add measurable ranking value to our clients’ websites.

Backlink Audits

At the beginning of any campaign, we conduct a comprehensive backlink audit in order to identify any threats and remove any potentially harmful or unnatural links. Our inbound marketing specialists have experience in dealing with Google manual penalties, and have successfully completed re-inclusion requests for many of our clients.

Inbound Benchmarking

Our bespoke benchmarking process allows us to assess the health and positioning of your backlinks, as well as content performance, both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and in comparison to your competitors.

We use data to determine the strength of your backlink profile, and set realistic SMART objectives in line with your industry trends. Using a blend of our own in-house and industry tools, we then monitor performance, identify opportunities, and regularly report on the success of these SMART objectives.

Audience & Industry Backlink Analysis

During our strategy phase, we conduct in-depth audience and industry analysis, developing a strong understanding of key audiences in relation to products, services, content and seasonal opportunities. The insight gained during this analysis then allows us to tailor the focus of our inbound and content campaigns to target those audiences.

This approach allows us to set achievable link acquisition goals on a project-by-project basis, utilising analysis of similar content and industry trends to target the right opportunities, minimise risk, and provide our clients with the results they expect.

Linkbuilding & Inbound Marketing Actions

Quick wins

Creating a truly high-quality backlink portfolio takes time, but it is possible to rapidly develop and improve the health of your links through a number of ‘quick win’ activities. As part of an inbound strategy that targets both short-term improvement and long-term excellence, our experts can utilise their knowledge to build relevant links from authoritative platforms without having to change or create content on our clients sites.

Multi-channel content promotion

As part of a holistic approach to search marketing, our inbound department works in collaboration with the social media team to ensure that the content is promoted to the right audiences via the most effective channels. We know that social shares can generate links and vice-versa, and we make sure that we plan and organise our campaigns in order to maximise content amplification.

Creative campaigns

Creating high-quality shareable content tailored to our clients’ audiences is a core priority for the inbound, content, and social teams here at QueryClick. To achieve this, we pre-qualify our creative campaigns with an array of data gathered from inbound, content, and social media analysis, a process that has resulted in improved performance across our creative inbound marketing projects.

Inbound Outreach Strategy

Outreach is at the core of our inbound strategy and we rely on it for quick win activities as well as larger scale content promotion campaigns. While QueryClick’s core skills are based around our search marketing expertise, which we use to understand our audiences' influencers before starting any campaigns, we also understand how key contacts such as journalists and bloggers want to be reached out to.

By mixing public relations and search marketing techniques and focusing on building long-lasting relationships with our outreach contacts, QueryClick‘s inbound strategy provides measurable results in term of search rankings, links, referral traffic and online visibility.

Measuring Success

In order to provide our clients with the most transparent overview of our results, we monitor all of our inbound marketing activities and communicate our findings back to you on a monthly and quarterly basis, as well as offering bespoke reporting on the success of individual campaigns. This success of a project is described using measurable data that’s relevant to your KPIs, and can be delivered in a format that’s tailored to your needs.

If you’d like to know more about our inbound marketing strategy, or how we use data to help you make the best of your backlink profile, simply get in touch with us today.

The Inbound Team

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