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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a core part of every SEO campaign, focusing specifically on optimising the underlying implementation of your website and web platform with the aim of maximising the performance that your overall campaign drives.

We use our expert knowledge of modern search engine ranking algorithms and of how search engine spiders will interact with your site to ensure that all of your content is found and its value recognised by search engines.

At QueryClick we are focused on driving return on your campaign at all stages. For that reason, every technical optimisation we apply to your site will be prioritised to deliver the maximum impact. Every recommendation we make will actively improve the visibility of your site within the Search Engine Results Pages SERPs, leading to increased clicks, traffic and revenue.

Technical Audit & Strategy

At the outset of your SEO campaign, our technical experts conduct a thorough analysis of your site using combination of specialist tools and highly detailed expert reviews. This technical SEO audit identifies all the issues and opportunities for optimisation on your site including (but not limited to):

  • The crawlability and indexability of your site for search engines and search engine spiders

  • The efficiency of your information architecture and site hierarchy

  • Duplication and the potential for duplication

  • Canonicalisation strategies

  • Metadata presentation and correctness

  • Application of appropriate structured data standards

  • XML sitemaps and other data feed presence, configuration and correctness

  • HTTP behaviour including redirects, error codes and appropriate headers

  • Conformance to all relevant web standards

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Page speed and user experience

The outcomes of the initial technical SEO audit will be turned into detailed technical recommendations and presented as part of the wider technical strategy. We work alongside your project managers to ensure that fixes and enhancements are prioritised along with your existing development roadmap.

Technical SEO Monitoring, Reporting & Support

We are as keen to maintain your site’s health as we are to improve it. Using a system of custom monitoring reports and regular health-checks, we ensure that changes in your sites configuration are tracked over time and any issues are identified and resolved before they have a chance to impact your performance.

This includes integrated monitoring of critical search console indicators (Google and Bing), automated page speed and uptime monitoring, configuration of automatic analytics alerts, and tracking of your rankings for a large volume of keyphrases.

Our comprehensive monitoring service covers all bases and means that, if an issue occurs, you will know about it and have the solution the same day. Being able to rapidly identify and respond to potentially damaging changes in site configuration has saved our clients untold millions in potential lost revenue.

Bespoke Technical SEO Strategies & Change Management

At QueryClick, we know that every site is different and all optimisations must take into account the wider business context. All of our strategies are created from scratch to support your current business processes and priorities, whatever they may be.

The common scenarios for which we create bespoke technical strategies include:

Build support

Building a new site offers a great opportunity to integrate SEO best practice into your new platform. QueryClick’s site-build specialists will work with your project team to define and integrate SEO requirements, review wireframes, sitemaps, staging sites and ensure that your new site delivers performance out of the box.

QueryClick have world-class experience with multiple household names including successful build support work with Tesco, BBC Worldwide, Hilton Hotels, Aggreko, T-Mobile, Orange, Boots, HTC, Hunter, Barclays Bank, Toys R Us and many more, across every single type of build imaginable.


If you are redeveloping your site, moving to a new domain, consolidating multiple sites into one, splitting your site out into to several distinct propositions, or changing your URL structure or information architecture, you will be changing all the URLs on your site. This process exposes your organic visibility to huge risk that must be managed using a carefully defined SEO migration strategy.

The Technical SEO experts at QueryClick have a combined experience of hundreds of migrations and can develop a bespoke strategy for your business and work with your team to steer you through the pitfalls.


Operating your online business across multiple countries and/or in multiple languages presents a distinct challenge for SEO. As part of the broader Multinational SEO service, there are a number of distinct technical considerations to localisation and multinational architecture.

QueryClick’s bespoke Technical Multinational strategies ensure that users land on the right page, and that search engines can reach and correctly interpret the different multinational parts of your site, allowing you to leverage benefit from your multinational content rather than suffer because of the issues it creates.

The Tech Team

Haitham Fattah

Technical SEO Account Manager

Haitham is an experienced Technical SEO specialist and leads the Technical Search team at QueryClick. With a background in software engineering, inclu...

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Technical Account Executive

After graduating in Information Systems from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Alex started work at QueryClick in June 2014. As part of the SEO team, ...


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