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Social Media Strategy

According to a study led by Search Engine Journal, 93% of marketers now use social media for business. Large companies, particularly in ecommerce and retail, are now fully aware of the importance of social media as a channel – but this doesn’t always translate into an effective search marketing strategy.

At QueryClick, our social media strategies are driven by measurable results that are more tangible than the vanity metrics – such as ‘reach’ – often used within the industry. We understand that even if two million users have seen your latest post, it is not performing optimally until actions are directly resulting from it, so we base our campaigns around the only metric that should really matter: engagement.

Our Approach to Social Media

Your website is one of your most valuable assets, which is why our social media strategy is driven by website performance and ultimately, sales.

We believe in the value of improving the user search journey, and making every instance of your brand encountered online as powerful as possible. As one of the most common locations for users to make a connection with your business, social media plays an important role in this journey, and positive engagement on social media accounts, when generated and leveraged correctly, will lead to more traffic for your ecommerce website and as a result, more conversions.

Our strategy for increasing positive engagement across our clients’ social media channels is built around three key stages:

Social Media Auditing

The first step to a robust social media strategy is knowing where your strengths lie and in the identification of potential weaknesses. To achieve this, we use data from a variety of sources – including True Social Metrics and Google Analytics – to conduct a thorough audit of your activity in the past year, and to give you an accurate snapshot of the current state of play across all of your active social platforms.

We then proceed to identify and address the potential issues, as well as targeting any opportunities that surface by proposing a strategy that comes complete with target audience, tone of voice, and other key recommendations for all social communications (including guidance for your customer service team).

Integrating Social Media & Search Marketing

Once we have outlined the actions required to optimise your social media accounts, we’ll support you with managing your social media profiles. In order to ensure our integrated approach to search marketing has the maximum impact, we also align your social media campaigns with our content and inbound marketing strategies.

Our ethos of constant inter-departmental communication allows us to deliver a holistic strategy that, from day-to-day activities to large-scale creative projects, is built to deliver measurable results against the KPIs that are important to you.

Social Reporting

Measuring success is key to improvement, and as a social media service we continually strive to deliver better results. We deliver a report on social media performance our clients on a monthly basis, as well as a unique benchmark report that details exactly where you where you stand in comparison to your market competitors.

What sets us apart?

Data-led social media

We are heavily focused on developing innovative tools to unearth unique insights we can share with our clients. Our social media initiatives are backed up with solid data to ensure effectiveness, an approach with a track record of minimising risk, efficiently utilising client resources, and taking the guesswork out of posting activity.

Multi-channel approach for creative campaigns

We work closely with our content and inbound marketing teams to leverage social media for our creative projects. By aligning and integrating our content and inbound marketing departments with the power of effective social media marketing, the campaigns we propose have the best possible chance of success.

Social media training

If you feel like there is a knowledge gap within your in-house team when it comes to social media, our specialists are happy to share their expertise. From best practice guidelines to helping your staff identify and understand issues through use of tools and data, we can provide a range of social media training for your online marketing team.

The Social Media Team

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