Insight Tool Suite

Data-led marketing suite designed to drive performance insights

Effective strategies and recommendations for achieving your commercial objectives are only credible when they are backed by genuine, accurate, helpful insights.

Our proprietary tool suite provides insights that are not only genuine, accurate and helpful, but also unique. As a portfolio, our tools combine enable intelligent budget allocation designed to target new, high-lifetime-value customers, maximising underlying channel ROI and therefore optimising your multichannel marketing performance.


Corvidae provides best-in-class forecasted attribution at near-live frequency, allowing proactive adjustments to multichannel marketing spend to provide the greatest overall ROI for your current and future marketing budgets.

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Halo complements any attribution model, enabling objective media-mix analysis to identify efficiency opportunities across Paid spend budgets and which high-impact strategic changes should be prioritised across SEO & PPC activity.

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Maximising content marketing efficiency for SEO as part of the creative process, SwiftLink determines Tendency to Link (TTL) and Tendency to Share (TTS) metrics in advance, allowing objective prioritisation and ensuring your content builds links at a faster rate than your competitors.

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SearchLens discovers high-volume, low competition opportunities to rank organically where competition is low or Google's top results aren't popular with its searchers, identifying Paid spend cannibalization and enabling CTR balancing across PPC and SEO results.

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The principal use for our Sternidae platform is the customised, dynamic automation of Paid Search bid strategies to any criteria given by our analysts. It is also used to enhance Display and Programmatic bid platforms such as DoubleClick and Avocet, with dynamic alerting services to any conceivable trigger.

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Weaverbird provides GDPR compliant storage of marketing data for use by our and our clients' digital marketing teams. It combines with Sternidae it delivers a complete data storage, processing, and availability solution for any existing data storage situation.

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