Audience-Led Analytics & Attribution

Corvidae uses bleeding-edge data science and machine-learning algorithms to achieve unique-to-market performance forecast functionality.

Forecasted attribution using the Corvidae data-insight platform allows the adjustment of multichannel marketing spend to provide the greatest overall ROI for your current and future marketing budgets. Existing products on the market, including Google's Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry), only provide historic attribution insight and is limited by a 60 day lookback window, preventing accurate conversion path analysis, customer identification, or first-touch marketing insight.

Corvidae not only provides best-in-class attribution data, it does so at near-live frequency, allowing pro-active spend adjustment to your best-fit marketing blend and immediate paid marketing spend performance benefit.

1/8th CPA Driving 72% Profit Margin

Disintermediating the DMP AdTech from agency-owned stack allowed a European Consumer Electronics group to cut CPAs by 7/8ths bringing the profit margin up to average 72% for their digital channels.

Capable of capturing tens of millions of rows of online and offline data daily, our ability to process even the largest data firehose is enabled through a scalable cloud architecture deployment and a sophisticated, customisable data-cleansing solution.

Random Forest Regression Analysis

Corvidae deploys machine learning to parse clensed clickstream data from Google Analytics via BigQuery, Adobe Analytics' Raw Clickstream data, or QC's own enterprise event tag deployment of Snowplow.

We stash data in unprocessed columnar Parquet deployments using DataBricks on either Amazon or Azure integrations configured to enable GDPR compliance and integration with our Weaverbird marketing data storage solution.

GraphQL language queries then allow easy extraction of multiple data source inputs for processing using machine learning libraries for best fit techniques to reach a statistically sound de-duplication of the data from sessions to 'people'.

This processed data is then ready for ingestion into attribution model best-fit analysis - again using machine learning in the same approach taken by weather forecasters to identify correct models. Random forest AI iterates billions of outcomes using your performance data to 'forecast' old data, confirming our model accuracy.

We are then able, of course, to run the forecast forward to determine statistically robust future activity spend strategies to achieve the greatest possible return for your overall marketing budget.

Using Corvidae Insights, you'll find growth opportunities in underused marketing channels, and cut wasted budget on saturated channels with poor returns on the horizon. For one client, Corvidae identified an immediate £1.1m paid spend saving available by transferring budget to earlier in their conversion path.

-12% Cost of Sale saving £1.1 million p.a.

QueryClick's integrated Paid and Organic strategy identified an opportunity to move customer targeting for a major UK High Street retailer to earlier in the customer conversion journey leveraging Programmatic advertising in tandem with complimentary messages on Paid search and Social channels.

This use of holistic 'See Think Do Care' customer conversion trageting allowed us to save £1.1 million per year and reduce cost of sale by 12%, building generic growth by 169%, ultimately driving £35.3 million in the UK in cross channel revenues.

Corvidae ingests anonymised customer data from all available client data silos, using machine learning and cross-device deduplication techniques to process and identify a single customer view across the entire dataset. This is a highly customisable process that supports all data sources and can be tailored to your marketing strategy.

Corvidae data is segmentable down to the individual and the individual path through the data - as well as their predicted future path. No other attribution tool available commercially today can achieve a similar level of granularity.

Insight is delivered into each customer's Lifetime Value in addition to accurate marketing channel touchpoints, enriched with demographic and behavioural data from Programmatic channels. This allows cohort grouping, typically to 'First Touch' engagement with brand, that enables prospecting to your most valuable cohorts early in the See, Think, Do, Care conversion path.

$56 CPA delivering 93% ROAS Prospecting

Underperforming growth strategy was replaced with a reduction to a $56 CPA Europe-wide for a Fashion Brand delivering a 93% ROAS excluding remarketing activity.

Your attribution strategy is also refined through Corvidae, as machine-led media-mix analysis simulation discovers the true drivers of performance in your marketing mix.

Future data onboarding to Corvidae is managed by our in-house automation platform, Sternidae, to keep customer data updated.

+212% PPC revenue and +24% conversion improvement

QueryClick enabled contextual bid automation using Sternidae to allow agile bid adjustment when rain ocurred in locations across the UK & US. Increased relevance for Hunter Wellies allowed 27% improvement in conversion rates during precipitation and increased paid revenues by 212%

Corvidae can also be manipulated by API, and supplies an API output that can be used for large-scale data analysis and near-live actionable reporting.

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