SERP Intelligence Insights

Data-led marketing SEO & PPC insights with unique metrics to supercharge campaign ROI.

SearchLens is QC's search marketing data collection and visualisation tool. It provides unique insights into Paid and Organic search, identifying £4.5m of Paid spend cannibalisation for Airbnb for example, and allowing our team to balance the CTRs across PPC & SEO results to drive an incremental 11% uplift in clicks where both channels were visible in the SERPs for our client Sally Salon Services (a +£1bn p.a. retailer of beauty products in the UK alone).

+11% SERP CTR and +15% Conversion Rate

Sally were concerned that their existing Paid Search strategy was cannibalising their Organic clicks, so using Halo QC identified a spend adjustment test that showed in fact they had an overall increase in SERP CTR where organic and paid results were visible of up to 11%, and their transactions also increased by 15% for traffic from those clicks where complimentary Paid and Organic results were shown.

Discover high-volume, low competition, high-volatility target organic search terms to find 'low hanging fruit' opportunities to rank organically where competition is low or Google's top results aren't popular with its searchers.

CTRs Vs Expected & Rank Click Optimisation

QuerClick undertook a meta study across 2.1 billion search results to establish accurate expected CTRs for Paid & Organic results, segmentable by brand & generic, and by device type (deskop, mobile & tablet).

Using these results, we are able to show expected CTR data for the entirety of a client's results, highlighting the opportunties for quick win strategy adjustment removing cannibalisation or building incremental cross-channel CTRs. We call this aspect of SearchLens' data the 'Halo' report.

Halo Cross-Channel Insights

Halo is built to complement any attribution model and allows objective media-mix analysis, identifying where you can gain efficiency fastest and what high-impact strategic changes should be prioritised across SEO & PPC activity. This enables increased efficiency across Paid spend budgets, delivering spend growth without drops to conversion.

'Stem' analysis within Halo is also powerful, allowing the dynamic review of category performance by showing wildcard string-matched aggregate analysis across all keyphrases for which any rank is held.

We pull Paid Search data from AdWords API to enrich the SERP insights and this, alongside Organic results and our metastudy CTR data, allows the delivery of our 'Halo' reporting which highlights where poor searcher experience is being influenced by the other channel (either Organic or Paid).

QueryClick's Halo tool is unique to market, solving the 'not provided' gap in SEO reporting to deliver the entirety of your Organic performance data (typically between 2,000 and 500,000 keyphrases) for segmentation against every Paid Search term, mapped back to the landing page.

£4.5m paid spend cannibalisation removal

Our 'Halo SERP Insights' tool detected £4.5m of testable Paid spend cannibalisation where Organic positions held a +50% above expected CTR for #1 ranking 'brand plus generic' terms for Airbnb, allowing significant testing and ROI improvement opportunity.

We build a business case for each change during the issue discovery process, deriving insights from your data and communicating these in terms relevant to your overall marketing strategy. This business case can also be augmented by Sternidae automation, which allows live change-impact tracking to prove the value of your strategy changes and allow keyphrase group rank-change alerting for improved SEO risk management.

Data analysis using Halo yields a variety of insights and supporting metrics, including:

  • High-spend Paid keyphrases where dominant Organic rank and click engagement exists, facilitating the testing of reduced spend and combating potential cannibalisation without reducing overall SERP traffic.
  • Gap terms for Paid and Organic strategies, ranked by click opportunity and CPA-increased actionability to grow new-visit audiences across multiple channels.
  • Ad Creative and Organic CTR underperformance versus avg. for SERP ranking position, and arranged by revenue lost to improve prioritisation of content improvement actions.

Organic Competitive Intelligence

At QueryClick, we discovered that third party rank-tracking tools were failing to accurately pull multichannel territories SERP results. This was a direct result of their dependence on URL string localisation or 'Multinational' CDN layers that don't correctly locate IP addresses to their specified countries. Through testing, we discovered that all major industry tools failed on these criteria, greatly reducing their effectiveness for UK, European or APAC focussed campaigns in particular.

As a result of this discovery, we developed our in-house SERP intelligence tool and reporting platform, SearchLens, which is the only true accurate rank collection tool on the market.

As we currently work across 32 different countries on behalf of our clients, international rank polling localisation is a key part of our operations. Through SearchLens, we host IP addresses locally in all target locations and ensure accurate data collection through request sanitation and IP cleansing solutions.

Combining data collection, cleansing, storage and visualisation, SearchLens combines with our secure & GDPR compliant cloud storage architecture Weaverbird. This data store is used by our internal data scientists to derive insights but is also made available for client analysts to directly access for independent analysis.

Designed for flexibility, SearchLens delivers automated alerting for sudden changes to keyphrase group performance, allowing for precise risk management and opportunity analysis. SearchLens also facilitates mobile-first reporting and device segmentation as mobile results are polled separately from desktop and tablet, delivering more granular insights from segmented keyphrase tracking and competitive intelligence.

Using competitive intelligence rank data, SearchLens assigns a 'Visibility Score' to each SERP result based on the number of competing results, and the result rank. This is aggregated for all result domains within a keyphrase set, highlighting unique competitors for each keyphrase segment.

In order to assess the likelihood of overtaking the top three SERP positions for search terms, we also calculate a 'Volatility Score' which enables us to give priority to highly volatile terms with low 'Competitive Visibility'. This allows for immediate rank performance improvement and maximised efficiency which we delivered for a retail client in the UK when driving £19.5m additional Organic revenue within the first year of work on their SEO strategy.

+£19.5m YoY Incremental Organic Revenue '15/'16

Within the first six months of becoming a QueryClick client, a UK retailer benefitted from a +21% increase in #1 rankings for the top 200 margin products, driving an additional £19.5 million Organic revenue year on year. They also remain a client today, having increased their budget by 189%.

Ingesting Data via API for Insights

As an Organic and Paid search performance reporting platform, SearchLens ingests data from both Google Search Console and Google AdWords APIs before supplementing it with Organic rank competitive intelligence data. Extracting this data through API enables unique insight reporting that cannot be achieved via Google's interface or Google Analytics interface. These insights include brand and non-brand segmentation as well as device and fully geo-located segmentation, allowing for granular reporting.

Finally, when combined with Weaverbird and QC's Snowplow tags, SearchLens' visualisation can entierly replace GA 360 or Adobe Analytics implementations, and can be enhanced with advanced display layer options such as Tableau, providing significantly greater tag granularity and site engagement richness at a net cost reduction.

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