SearchLens: search marketing data collection and visualisation

Optimise your SERP strategy across Paid and Organic

Our search marketing data collection and visualisation tool, SearchLens enables optimisation of SERP strategy across Paid and Organic to drive revenue acquisition, with live reporting and alerting.

It provides unique insights into Paid and Organic search - for example, identifying cannibalisation and allowing our team to balance CTRs across PPC and SEO results.

To develop SearchLens, QueryClick undertook a meta study across 2.1 billion search results to establish accurately the expected CTRs for Paid and Organic results. These results were segmented by brand and generic, and by device type (deskop, mobile, tablet), and enable us to show expected CTR data for the entirety of a client's results, highlighting the opportunities for ‘quick win’ strategy adjustment.

Halo: SERP intelligence insights

Solving the 'not provided' gap in SEO reporting, Halo delivers the entirety of your organic performance data for segmentation against every paid search term, mapped back to the landing page

Halo - another tool designed, built and evolved in-house by QueryClick - complements any attribution model. It provides objective media-mix analysis, identifying both efficiencies and which high-impact strategic changes should be prioritised across SEO and PPC activities. The outcome is greater efficiency across paid budgets: increased growth without drops in conversion rates.

During any discovery process we build a business case for each change. Each business case may be augmented by further unique-to-QueryClick automation, which tracks the impact of change in real time. Each business cases provides evidence of the value of the strategy changes and delivers improved SEO risk management through keyphrase group rank change alerts.

Halo’s data analysis yields a variety of insights and supporting metrics, including:

  • high-spend paid keyphrases, where dominant organic rank and click engagement exists. Facilitates the testing of reduced spend, and combats potential cannibalisation without reducing overall SERP traffic

  • gap terms for paid and organic strategies. Ranked by click opportunity, highlighting opportunities to grow new-visit audiences across multiple channels

  • ad creative and organic CTR underperformance versus avg. for SERP ranking position. Ranked by revenue lost, this prioritises content improvement actions

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