Agile Bid Automation & Feed Enrichment

Dynamically ingest or scrape data, process, and export as live API to drive marketing ROI

Our Paid Search custom automation platform Sternidae automates data ingestion and cleansing, provides API manipulation & production, and enables dynamic automation to any criteria given by our analysts.

Although its principal use is the automation of Paid Search bid strategies, Sternidae can also be used to enhance Display and Programmatic bid platforms such as DoubleClick and Avocet, and provide dynamic alerting services to any concevable trigger.

+34% Paid Revenue at -26% Spend

QueryClick's account restructuring to better target generic growth, agile bid management and dynamic reporting allowed M&Co to benefit from a growth in Paid revenue of 34 percent while simultaniously reducing spend by 26 percent.

Sternidae enables API ingestion and manipulation based on supplied scripts, as well as re-publishing. This allows QueryClick to import contextual information including live weather feeds, competitor bid patterns, or live stock-level adjustment to augment your bid strategy.

Sternidae utilises all available features in AdWords, compliments DoubleClick features, offers dynamic bid optimisation scripts and can be manipulated by API. Other features include:

Reporting & KPI Automation

  • Bespoke reporting: Live, API-driven and highly customisable product and category-level performance reporting ingests live data from our SearchLens reporting platform, Sternidae, AdWords and Avocet or DoubleClick for permission controlled sharing.

Data is also available for API pulldown via Power Query and live dashboarding in Power BI or Tableau for SAAS deployment. When paired with QC's deployment of Snowplow enterprise tagging, a complete reporting suite replacement is possible, significantly reducing cost by replacing Adobe Analytics or Google 360 suite, while greatly improving data accuracy, event-tagging depth, GDPR compliance and availability for deep insight querying.

  • Report generation automation and delivery: After a report specification process is completed, reports are automatically compiled and delivered at set times to fully configurable recipients within dynamic templates, emails, and messaging.

Custom AdWords Bid Automation

  • Automated, dynamic feed generation via in-house tools tailored to each website.
  • Manual feed optimisation and configuration for enhanced search-query matching and greater impression volumes.
  • Advanced AdWords campaign structuring for user intent targeting and AOV control.
  • Use of AdWords structuring to control traffic flow through high margin, high-return products.
  • Strategic cross-channel implementation of PLA alongside search to generate greater overall CTR rate.
  • User search data analysis for use with strategic cross-channel insights, opportunities and task prioritisation.

+£3.1m revenue at 1,584 ROAS

During Black Friday 2017, QueryClick delivered paid search returns of £3.1m revenue at 1,584 ROAS for a UK High Street retailer, driving down their cost of sale from an average of 25% to 5.94%, ultimately reducing the spend required to drive this exceptional one-weekend sale performance to £187k.

Shopping Feed / PLA Optimisation

Feed generation, adjustment, and adaption through Sternidae can work in tandem with existing supplier feeds, or ingest data directly from site or CMS scraping to enhance feeds, unblocking existing daily update limitations and bottlenecks.

In addition, combining feeds with dynamic bid rules based on live competitor pricing adjustment, organic search rank fluctuation, and stock availability allows maximisation of campaign ROI for even the highest volume accounts.

£16.7 million paid search spend

In 2017, QueryClick managed £16.7 million of paid search generic spend at an average ROI of 12.72 - that is: excluding brand activity. This demonstrates our commitment to driving client growth effectively and efficiently and championing greater transparency in reporting to educate our clients on the performance available through best-in-class execution of digital marketing channels.

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