Creative Content Pre-Qualification

Connect social and inbound data to stop your creative team spending time on projects that won't gain traction or build links for SEO.

An in-house tool leveraged by our Integrated Marketing department, SwiftLink is a key element in maximising content marketing efficiency for SEO as part of the creative process.

Connecting social data to external link data to provide a Tendency to Link (TTL) & Tendency to Share (TTS) metric mapped back to target keyphrase terms and existing content to allow objective content prioritisation before creative time invested in ideas, SwiftLink ensures your content builds links at a faster rate than your competitors and allows you to use data to lead your creative decisionmaking: activating the entirety of your marketing activity in service of online performance.

+53% Organic revenue

M&Co's multichannel strategy from QueryClick drove an increase in organic revenue of 53% in 2017, ultimately as a result of a 138% increase in first page rankings for target generic keyphrases. This content-led strategy performance also benefitted Paid search, allowing improved landing page content to contribute to a 34% increase in paid revenue while reducing spend by 26%.

Inbound SEO Qualification Tool

Delivering QueryClick's unique-to-market metrics, SwiftLink enables our experts to pre-qualify creative projects and effectively remove wasted time spent building concepts with little outreach potential. This shareability and linkability data means that inbound creative projects are prioritised based on SEO impact from their inception.

In addition to share and link insights, SwiftLink provides keyphrase group data operation which allows the tailoring of inbound activity to critical performance gaps in your SEO strategy, driving fast, high-impact SEO performance. By targeting this activity to keyphrase groups, our experts support a wider Organic strategy – including digital PR – as a part of a multi-channel approach aimed at high-lifetime-value customer acquisition.

Increased visibility on social aspects related to target SEO keyphrases allows high visibility social activity to be deployed with a guarantee of engagement - enabling easy viral push and planning.

+210% Social Revenue

A single social media campaign using light-touch creative around an integrated outreach plan built on data from SwiftLink resulted in 17k social shares in the first week an increase of 2,700% on original KPI targets which resulted in a 210% YoY lift in social revenue that month.

Data-Led Audience Assessment

Using SwiftLink Discovery, our team identify audiences with positive shareability and linkability for strategically important keyphrases. By turning the process on its head, beginning with audience sentiment and behaviour, we pinpoint the content and inbound project that will resonate most strongly with the user. This allows us to safeguard campaign success and strong SEO performance while targeting the best-suited audience cohort influencers.

Through another unique-to-market metric, Links Per Share (LPS), our team assess audience behaviour for target keyphrases. This takes the guesswork out of content marketing, allowing for a more efficient use of time and resource while ensuring that we lead highly effective creative campaigns for our clients.

+£1.35m organic revenue YOY & +20% position one rankings

QueryClick drove a £1.35 million improvement in Organic revenue year on year and a 20% uplift in tracked #1 position rankings after implementing an initial backlink penalty removal audit and quick-win recapture strategy.

SwiftLink also supplies essential insights for your social media campaigns, including key influencer data, content seed placement priority and promotional tactics that have been successful for similar content themes in the past. By leveraging this pre-qualification data, QueryClick deliver highly efficient SEO inbound and creative campaigns that complement existing marketing messages and which are strategically targeted to search terms with high commercial value for clients.

£1.06 billion organic revenue grown 37% YOY

In 2017 QueryClick managed £1.06 billion of client revenues via organic search. In year we drove up performance by 37% leading to an additional £395 of organic revenue for our clients. As a disruptive agency to the big five, we see performance like this as evidence of our credentials to deliver enterprise-level support in a boutique fashion, tailored to each, individual client.

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