SwiftLink: Creative Content Pre-Qualification

Connect social and inbound data to stop your creative team spending time on projects that won't gain traction or build links for SEO.

In-house-developed SwiftLink is a key element in maximising content marketing efficiency for SEO as part of the creative process.

SwiftLink connects social data with external link data to provide tendency to link (TTL) and tendency to share (TTS) metrics which contribute to a compound metric: Tendency to Engage (TTE), mapped back to target keyphrase terms and existing content. The effect of this is to enable effective, objective content prioritisation before any creative time is invested in ideas.

The outcome is to ensure that your content builds search ranking performance at a faster rate than your competitors and allows you to use data to lead your creative decision-making - essentially, activating the entirety of your marketing activity in service of online performance. SwiftLink summary:

  • as an inbound SEO qualification tool: prioritise inbound creative projects based on their SEO impact from inception. Eliminate time wasted on concepts with little outreach potential

  • for data-led audience assessment: identify audiences with positive shareability and linkability for strategically important keyphrases. Safeguard campaign success and strong SEO performance while targeting the best-suited audience cohort influencers

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