GDPR Compliant Marketing Data Storage

Build deep-insight analysis on top of robust, compliant data warehousing that allows a single-point of truth for all marketing data queries.

Weaverbird was built out of a requirement for extensible, secure and dynamic GDPR compliant storage of marketing data for use by our and our clients' digital marketing teams.

Using a schemaless, document-oriented database with a querying over-layer, Weaverbird allows an efficient, document-based data model that can accept columnar data from multiple sources in different forms with no performance impact.

Tested to ingestion of tens of million rows of data daily, Weaverbird combines with Sternidae to deliver a complete data storage, processing, and availability solution for any existing data storage situation.

10m Rows of Data Daily

B&Q data ingestion via Sternidae into Weaverbird included online and store visit data, and processed 10.2m rows of data a day for ingestion by Corvidae to derive audience led insights, attribution analysis, lifetime value and 'Best Next Step' API feed access. The impact of Corvidae was the equivalent of immediately improving B&Q's conversion rate across all channels (on- and off-line) by 1.5%.

Agile Data Storage & Manipulation

Weaverbird uses unprocessed columnar Parquet deployments via DataBricks deployments on either Amazon or Azure integrations configured to enable GDPR compliance in storage and access (including cleansing & deletion of data once processed).

Any data source can then be added to Weaverbird, as the data query layer is abstracted, removing the need of database optimisation or maintenance. Weaverbird uses GraphQL queries for easy structured data exports for processing by further tools via API ingestion.

Cross Channel Insights & ROI

Pooling marketing data in one place allows deployment of QueryClick's Halo tool.

A unique to market tool solving the 'not provided' gap in SEO reporting to deliver the entirety of your Organic performance data (typically between 2,000 and 500,000 keyphrases) for segmentation against every Paid Search term, mapped back to the landing page. Halo is further enriched by truly accurate multinational SERP competitive intelligence, and made available for analysis via 'Stem' insights or SERP CTR intelligence.

Media mix analysis across SEO & PPC is then able to be forecats and impact measured daily, preventing the wastage of volume of revenue while streamlining channel alignment.

Full-Suite Deployment & Tag Management

Weaverbird can be deployed using existing clickstream data from Google Analytics via BigQuery, Adobe Analytics' Raw Clickstream data, or QC's own enterprise event tag deployment of Snowplow.

In the latter case, complete replacement of Google 360 or Adobe Analytics can be achieved using Weaverbird combined with Sternidae, and your choice of visualisation layer can be overlaid to provide business intelligence into your business at greater resolution that either Google or Adobe offer, and with complete report customisation, alerting and automation.

QueryClick deploy API pulldown via Power Query and live dashboarding in Power BI or Tableau for SAAS deployment combined with networked insight reports for further data manipulation by your team in Excel.

Pairing Weaverbird with Corvidae allows complete transformation of all digital marketing data to Audience-Led insights, entierly removing session and duplication issues at a stroke.

Easy cohort development and data extraction from Weaverbird then allows dynamic bid automation to be extended into Paid and Programmatic channels dramatically improving your ability to drive converion and channel API.

1/8th CPA Driving 72% Profit Margin

Disintermediating the DMP AdTech from agency-owned stack allowed a European Consumer Electronics group to cut CPAs by 7/8ths bringing the profit margin up to average 72% for their digital channels.

QueryClick's tech stack built on Weaverbird allows for best in class digital marketing and futureproofs your deployment for the future.

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