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May 1, 2012 By

AdWords: Product Update Round-up

AdWords: Product Update Round-up
/seo-news/adwords-product-update/ - /seo-news/adwords-product-update/

Google have gone a bit David Bowie of late and made a whole series of 'ch-ch-ch-changes' to the AdWords product this month. Here's a round-up of the key ones and how they will affect pay-per-click campaigns moving forward.

Ad Group Ideas in the Keyword Tool

Building out campaign structures from the ground up can be a laborious task. But this is slightly less so now that the tool will suggest not only keywords you should be including, but also the ones you should buy and how to group and theme them:

AdWords Keyword Tool Ideas

Given that we are always trying to find the perfect ad grouping which satisfies Google's condition of relevancy, and thus achieve great Quality Scores (meaning low click prices), building a campaign around themes suggested by them may not be the worst place to start.

Quality Score Insights

As mentioned above, Quality Score (QS) helps determine how much you will pay for a click. Back in the day, your QS shrouded in secrecy, the actual methodology only occasionally hinted at by cagey AdWords reps.

Then we had the addition of an actual number given for each keyword, rating the QS out of ten.

The latest iteration of empowering advertisers to optimise the relevancy of their campaigns is the 'status hover' for each keywords – essentially giving you a grading for:

  • Expected click-through rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience

Quality Score Insights

Although the ratings don't give too much away, only telling you if the keyword is average, or above/below average, it is useful to know where to focus your attention on to improve the QS

Advert Rotation

As a mathematician, the way Google determined which adverts were performing best in terms of click-through rate has always niggled me. There is no way that the time before the system decides which of your adverts was performing best (thus effectively switching off the rest) was long enough to statistically determine the best click-through performance.

Ad Rotation Options

Starting next week, by leaving your adverts on the “rotate evenly” setting, you will get the best of both worlds. After 30 days no this setting, the optimization setting will kick-in, giving it a far better chance of having the right amount of data to make correct decisions.

Mobile App Extensions

With the explosion in popularity of smart phones, over the past few years, Google have sought to take advantage of the huge app market, creating a suite of features specifically designed to help promote apps.

The latest advert extension option gives businesses “a new way to promote their mobile apps” by allowing anyone advertising on smart phones or tables to “append a mobile app download link to their search ads.”

Mobile App Extensions

From a brand's point-of-view, this is a really useful little change, which will provide an easy way to create awareness of their custom mobile applications.

Have any recent changes to the AdWords product had a positive impact on your campaigns?  We'd love to hear from you in comments below.

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