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Dec. 23, 2011 By

Search Marketing is a Bit Like Preparing Christmas Dinner

Search Marketing is a Bit Like Preparing Christmas Dinner
/seo-news/search-marketing-bit-preparing-christmas-dinner/ - /seo-news/search-marketing-bit-preparing-christmas-dinner/

As Christmas is almost upon us, so here is my ultra-relevant QueryClick Christmas themed blog post.

I find that analogies often help when explaining something technical to a non specialist audience. To get the best out of an SEO campaign, everyone should know and understand why technical, structural, and content changes have been suggested.

Inspired by Christmas, SEO, and Cooking, I have decided to relate the stages of optimising a website to preparing Christmas dinner. There are some references to food but I’ll try to not make it too cheesy.

Forward Planning

Knowing your audience is as important for cooking as it is for SEO – after all, you wouldn’t want to serve up a plump Christmas turkey to a vegetarian guest, would you? In SEO understanding what your audience are searching for by using keyword research, trends, and any data that you have is the foundation for planning your strategy.

Review your website statistics, content, current exposure, and competitors to help identify any low hanging fruit.

Ingredients, Equipment, SEO Tools

Having the right ingredients, quality tools and combining these in the correct order is essential for both cooking and SEO. Just as you need a sharp knife ready for carving the Christmas turkey. A good SEO has a range of tools to hand - Analytics, webmaster tools and a robust content management system are just a few of the essentials.

Working with fresh, quality ingredients can be compared to website content. If your website content is fresh, interesting and updated regularly you have a better chance of engaging your users and attracting links to your pages.


Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. When cooking combining the components of a meal at the right times with a bit of flare can make the difference between a good meal and a great meal. With SEO being able to combine an accessible website with interesting content and good quality backlinks can make the difference between a good SEO campaign and a great one.

Being creative when it comes to testing website layout, content, multivariate testing for conversion rate optimisation is the equivalent of experimenting in the kitchen. Try different things out until you perfect your recipe.

Enjoying your hard work

Now you get a chance to enjoy the spoils of your hard work. A good cook, just like an SEO, will take feedback on board and will adjust and refine the campaign as required to get the best results.

Now it's back in the Kitchen to refine your SEO strategy.

Merry Christmas from the team at QueryClick!

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