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April 10, 2012 By

A YouTube Channel For Cats? What Has The World Come To?

A YouTube Channel For Cats? What Has The World Come To?
/seo-news/youtube-channel-cats-what-has-world-come/ - /seo-news/youtube-channel-cats-what-has-world-come/

Are you a pet owner? Or do you wish you were? My rental agreement forbids me from having a feline friend of my own, so I’m one of the many millions who spend time admiring other people’s pets online. And so it was this story that caught my eye earlier in the week which is about videos made for cats. Yes, you read that right – not videos of cute cats staring/snoozing/sneezing/snoring but videos made indeed for the animals themselves. I was surprised too, and immediately intrigued.

Videos For Your Cat is a brand new YouTube channel launched by cat owner Meghan Koley. Designed to keep pets entertained while their owners are out and about, the videos feature footage of “cat bait”, like mesmerising fish swimming from one side of their tank to the other and back again for 15 min, or ducks scrambling and pushing each other to get their next meal, and other creatures busying themselves on screen for as long as 40 minutes.

The only problem with hosting the channel on YouTube is, unless your furry friend knows how to skip straight to the video, he’ll have to endure a minute’s worth of advertising. Will that soon be personalised to address the cat’s interests and “needs”? I can just imagine the potential for pet food brands.

Fear not if you have to take your computer along with you as 21st century pet entertainment is available in DVD form too. Just some of the exciting titles on the almost 3-hour-long CATDVD are ”Butterflies that fluttered by”, “Chubby-cheeked Chipper Chipmunks” and “Dance, hamsters, dance”. The company boasts a whole host of happy customers. "Baby Autumn got CATDVD for Christmas and loved it immediately! She enjoyed the sounds, the squirrels, but her favorite was the laser pointer chapter!! Thanks CATDVD for making our critter happy!!" said Lynne and Mike from Toledo OH, both true fans of the exclamation mark.

But will the producers of CATDVD take responsibility for the damage incurred by your cat clawing the TV screen to get to that tempting birdy, or doing something nasty to your keyboard, I ask? The same could be said about The Movie For Dogs and Your Dog Companion, the latter of which has been “scientifically designed by world renowned dog behaviourist Dr. Stanley Coren”. Alternatively, just tune into Dog Radio

We don’t have an office cat, but Archie, our regular visitor of the canine kind has plenty of screens to stare at. He, however, seems to prefer the more traditional pastime of raking through our bins seeking out remnants of last week’s bacon roll run (mind you, most of the time our screens don’t feature “dog bait”). Good for him I say. We don’t want our pets to become as obsessed with YouTube and the telly as we, humans are, do we? Surely we can come up with better ways of entertaining our pets instead of taking the electronic pacifier route.

Do you think “Videos For Your Cat” could spark a new trend? Let me know if you’ve discovered any similarly wacky new ventures online.

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